1. It has been noted, even from some Muslim moderates, that those who leave Islam should be killed. A horrible rule, but okay, at least the moderates won't want to kill me. I wasn't raised a Muslim.


But then, when I've asked about Islamic childhood indoctrination, I've been informed that everyone is born a Muslim, but that Christian parents or atheist parents or whatever lead the children away from Islam.


So if everyone is born a Muslim, and everyone who leaves the faith should be killed... then what does it matter about wars from the West or fatwahs on people who offend Muslims? Shouldn't every non Muslim be killed anyway when you put those two laws together?


2. Muslim men can have no more than four wives in this world. For the less moderate, 72 virgins await them in heaven too. So why can't they have 72 wives now? When they get to heaven the rules change? What is Allah saying? Is it good or bad to be with 72 women? If it's bad on Earth but good in heaven, does that mean other rules change too? Will there be gay marriages in heaven? Just applying the same logic...

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