So i'm 16 now and im starting to notice more and more that my mother and two older sisters are teaching my two 4-year-old twin foster brothers about god and jesus and other shit... I dont know what to do. i cant tell them that god isnt real because they dont even understand and i dont want them to go around flaunting things that i say because i dont want to have a religious civil war in the family... they say stuff like kid prayers and that "sunday is a religious day for rest"


This is some messed up shit. what do i do?

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I was "religious" up until 7 when i moved far away from my grandparents after that, they never said ANYTHING to me or tried to make me go to church,  my eldest sister wanted me to read the bible with her but i always said no. but now they are fresh meat queued up for deceptive inception. -_-

There's not a lot you can do. I think most foster kids end up in religious homes, and it may even be some sort of requirement or at least smiled upon. I don't know how all that works (you prob know more than me), but they'll probably hear that stuff no matter where they're sent. They're too young to make sense of your arguments against the existence of God. Have you ever tried to argue with a four year old about something they've got their mind set on, like whether there are actually any other numbers than 10. You'll just confuse the poor things, and then put them in the middle of the "civil war" you want to avoid. Because they'll repeat you, and then your mom/sisters will try to correct them... and it'll just be a mess.

I feel sad my niece is going to be indoctrinated, too. I just know that, if they ever let me have her for a weekend, it's best not to try to talk to her about religion... not if I ever want to keep her again. This may be a different situation for you, but all I personally think you should do is try not to worry about it. Will they be staying with your family long? Forever? If not forever, then I doubt your family will have a lasting impression anyway. If they do stay, then you'll have plenty of time to put "doubt seeds" in their brain when they start thinking about more profound things than boogers.

Well i say foster because i dont know if they are officially going to be my brothers but we have had them since birth for about 95% of the time. i think they will be staying but we just have to wait for legal stuff to pass.
Yeah, I agree with you, Cass. Waiting until they're older is best. They probably still believe Santa is real? If you guys keep those guys, you'll have plenty of time. And honestly, it may not be as hard to un-doctrinate them as you might think! Most people don't enjoy church/Sunday School (I never did), and if I had an older brother/sister telling me it was all made up, I'd definitely wonder if they were right.

I just dont want to wait too long. and what i mean is: (long story very short) Me and my 2 friends were in the city and he gps'd where to find a printing shop and it was real close and they thought that it was the works of god. that god did everything and made everything happen for a reason.. all because the fed ex shop was near where we needed to go. they also tried to say "how do you not believe in god after this?" I was seriously just wtf'ing the whole time. it was ridiculous how they connected such things.

like after they reach a certain point where they are so 'right brained' (maybe its left, whatever side that is 'stubborn') that my opinion wont even matter to them. like right now at 16 my religious point of view or non point of view cant be changed. its not possible.

The story is about my friends not my parents. both 16 and they have their minds set.

and by left brained i mean they are set on that idea. and it is like saying that they are not open minded. or atleast thats what some believe

watch 13:00 -14:00

i watched the whole thing its interesting if you like science stuff.

I know the feeling a bit, my mother has a day care for children (she's a day care parent, I don't know the equivalent english name) and she tries to get them in the praying habit as well (pretty benign actually; folding hands, singing a Christian bedtime song). Those kids are from Christian households anyway, so there is not much lost :)

As for your brothers, be the one to dispel Santa for them (at an appropriate age), once they find out you told the truth about that, they might be more inclined to believe your skepticism about God as well.

Honestly, I think you need to focus on your mother and two older sisters.  How do they regard your atheism?  Can you speak about it openly with them?  If not, then that is the dialog you need to open first.  For the rest of my answer, I opt to share a video that I feel is relevant.


Absolutely. Your religious unbelief shouldn't have to be something inappropriate, not even close.  Treating your beliefs or lack of like they should be some deep, dark secret is just plain wrong.

Keep true to your convictions  . Your family is  only trying to do" the right thing" so be kind and understanding  and just be you! Time spent with you will pay off eventually in a very big way, I promise! 

Also correct! Be a good example and love them as best as you can and when you do tell them they will more than likely believe you.
What you can do for a certain period is just pretend to be a firm believer ... that's all.


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