The life and work—and unorthodox beliefs—of Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno.

The 16th-century Italian philosopher (and former Catholic priest) Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for a stubborn adherence to his then unorthodox beliefs—including the ideas that the universe is infinite and that other solar systems exist. Art historian Ingrid Rowland vividly recounts Bruno’s journey through a quickly changing Reformation-era Europe, where he managed to stir up controversy at every turn. Having a habit of calling schoolmasters “asses,” Bruno was jailed in Geneva for slandering his professor after publishing a broadsheet listing 20 mistakes the man had made in a single lecture.

Bruno’s adventures in free thought ended when the Roman Inquisition declared him “an impenitent, pertinacious, and obstinate heretic,” to which he characteristically replied, “You may be more afraid to bring that sentence against me than I am to accept it.” In 1600 the inquisitors stripped Bruno naked, bound his tongue, and burned him alive. At least his universe survived.

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omg... that's terrible! it really makes me angry now =( they are so cruel!
The sad thing is that this is just one example of the cruelties freethinkers have suffered at the hands of religion.
one face = :(
And judging by religious rhetoric, does a single person think this wouldn't continue to be how matters are handled had they retained the power to do so?
Haha, awesome. I've seen this one before.


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