I just found out about this site today.  I am 29 years old.  I have been an atheist for most of my life.  I don't know what happened, but one day when I was about 10 years old, things started to come together.  I realized the church I was attending made no freakin sense at all.  I studied various mythologies in school, and on my own.  It wasn't long after this I made up my mind and told my parents.  This greatly upset them, but I was never able to force myself to believe something as insane as the bible.  The more I learn, the harder of a time I have understanding how anyone could believe it!


In my life I have seen no proof of god and have decided that IF there is one, he hates me.  I cannot imagine a loving god throwing so much shit my way in so little time.  I am a single (divorced) mom of 3 kids.  The youngest (3 next month) is in speech therapy.  The middle is autistic, and is about to be assessed for bipolar disorder and depression.  He is only 5.  My oldest is 6... she seems ok lol.  I have also been diagnosed with hep c, and did the year long treatment for it.  My liver was at a stage 2 fibrosis, at 26 years old.  I also deal with depression, though am currently doing well off meds :)  I am an Army veteran and currently attending college to become a speech therapist.  I am also raising my 6 year old nephew.


So....hi!  Please introduce yourself to me.

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well you was named by your parents so its ok

but for me Irony is in Jackson

Your husband or family name?

Ex husband's name.


do you think It is fine for a female to have male name in her name

and start a new discussion on T|A regarding having male name coz I have a poor English

and please do not take it personal It is human phenomenon I think.


Hi Moria! Welcome to the site! Happy Holidays!


- Erik

Greetings and hello! I hope you find us all far more accepting than family!
Many of my friends are Christian on facebook.  I also have several atheist friends.  I post/repost a lot of anti-religious stuff.   I have lost 3 friends due to that, but I don't care.  Its not like I knew them in real life!  When the Christian friends post something about God, I either ignore it, or comment back in the form of a question, depending on who they are and what they are saying lol.  My entire family knows I am atheist, and my mom is the only one that takes offense.... and she tries to rationalize her beliefs, and they also change depending on what I say.... go figure.  But, outside of religious topics, we get along fine.   We agree to disagree.  I just found out that my bro is atheist (yay!), but I dont think she (mom) knows.  I admit, I haven't been on here much the last few days because Santa brought us a Wii for Giftmas and I am totally loving it LOL
Hi Moria!  I'm Jason, 30, combat medic in the Army currently serving in Afghanisuck and I'm new here too!!  Also have problems with depression myself so you are not alone in the world!  :)  Welcome to TA!!  It's a great place to vent, really!!!
Where are you stationed when you aren't down range?  I spent most of my enlisted time in Louisiana.
Hi Moria, Welcome

I've only just joined myself and I really love it here. I can completely identify with the 'IF there is one, he hates me' remark. ;) My son is also autistic and it is really, really rough going most of the time. I certainly do NOT believe in any kind of god but if I did, I wouldn't worship him, that's for sure. (Actually, I'd probably be trying to find him so I could beat him senseless!!)


Anyway, Welcome and nice to meet you! :)

If he exists, he deserves a good ass whooping....so with you on that one!
Hi, welcome to TA. I am still pretty new myself but I have greatly enjoyed my time here.


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