I just found out about this site today.  I am 29 years old.  I have been an atheist for most of my life.  I don't know what happened, but one day when I was about 10 years old, things started to come together.  I realized the church I was attending made no freakin sense at all.  I studied various mythologies in school, and on my own.  It wasn't long after this I made up my mind and told my parents.  This greatly upset them, but I was never able to force myself to believe something as insane as the bible.  The more I learn, the harder of a time I have understanding how anyone could believe it!


In my life I have seen no proof of god and have decided that IF there is one, he hates me.  I cannot imagine a loving god throwing so much shit my way in so little time.  I am a single (divorced) mom of 3 kids.  The youngest (3 next month) is in speech therapy.  The middle is autistic, and is about to be assessed for bipolar disorder and depression.  He is only 5.  My oldest is 6... she seems ok lol.  I have also been diagnosed with hep c, and did the year long treatment for it.  My liver was at a stage 2 fibrosis, at 26 years old.  I also deal with depression, though am currently doing well off meds :)  I am an Army veteran and currently attending college to become a speech therapist.  I am also raising my 6 year old nephew.


So....hi!  Please introduce yourself to me.

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Welcome, Moria! There are a number of active areas of T|A that I think you'll probably be interested in, so jump right on in and enjoy! :D



I also went through a period where I literally Hated God - or thought he Hated me for childhood traumas.  But what a beautiful thing when I came to realize everyone around me was delusional!  


And no matter how bad your depression get's, try not to use the Bible as guidance on how to discipline those beautiful children of yours!  


Terrific site here - the topics are just great fun - and we call each other out on BS all the time - and don't get offended by it.  That's what I like most about it!  



"And no matter how bad your depression get's, try not to use the Bible as guidance on how to discipline those beautiful children of yours!"


No worries there!

Hello, I am new around here too. I have been here for a week, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks for the welcome!
Welcome Moria (pretty name by the way). I haven't been here long but I've found this to be a great forum :)
Welcome Moria.
welcome, Moria :)

Hi there Moria glad to see you join us.

I joined this great site just a couple of days ago myself.

and like you i had some sort of trigger that made me suspicious if god really existed.

For me it was the death of my father when i was 7, i was angry that god had taken him away from me and my family and caused us so much grief.

I hope you will take comfort that your not alone :)


"There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings."


Hey Moria, welcome to TA. :)

hi Moria

Welcome to T|A dear

whats meaning of your name

God is my teacher.  Ironic.


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