The Bible is not a science text. It is not even a history book. It is at best a mythological cultural text. That people take it literally is pathetic. It's astounding how many people read the Bible and take it as true without even knowing the history behind it. A combined translation from Hebrew, Latin and Greek none of which translates particularly well into English with the Latin version being based off an even earlier Hebrew version, and the Greek version based off a Latin version, and the historical possibility that at least a portion of the original Hebrew version was lost and then retranslated back from the Latin version. The fact that they arbitrarily chose from one out of (at least) three different conflicting Latin translations of the Bible should be enough to cast doubt on the modern Bible's credibility as any sort of authoritative text. Most Christians have never even heard of the Apocrypha. You wonder why there are so many sheep and shepherd analogies in that book.

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Regardless of the veracity of the text and its historical reference...our hero is actually one of, if not the LEAST likely to be real. That alone is a huge problem for christianity. The fact that Jesus is not present in any other historical record. His concept as a messiah and saviour is repeated in many other ancient texts, but Jesus as a person, doesn't seem to show up anywhere else.

Kinda sucks for god, huh?


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