One day I was standing in front of a classroom of elementary school children. I held up a card with the number 14 on it, but hid that number from the children. I asked them to tell me what number was on the card. Little Sarah raised her hand and told me her mother told her it was a 9. She turned to the rest of the class and said that someone important told her mother it was a 9, and so therefor it is a 9. All the children nod in agreement. I ask the rest of the class what number it was and they all said it's a 9. I then told them it's not a 9. Then I asked them what number it was. They again said it was a 9 because Sarah's mother said it was so it was. I told them again I'm looking right at the number and it's definatly not a 9. This time I told them it was a 14 but the children called me a liar and said I was trying to make Sarah's mother out to be a liar. I explained over and over that I could see the number so I knew the number. The children said they new the number and it was a 9. When I said I knew for sure it's a 14 one child asked me to prove it. I said ok and turned the card around. As soon as I did, all the children quickly covered their eyes and said i was trying to trick them, that the number was a 9 and they know that as a fact. I pleaded with the children to please look at the card and see the number for themselves. One child finally looked, but claimed it was a trick, I was twisting the card to make it look like a 14. A few other children looked but they too said it wasn't really a 14. Little Johnny got up, came over to look at the card. I handed it to him, he looked very closely at the card, examining every inch of the card. He finally looked up and said it was definatly a 14. Sarah asked him if he was calling her mother a liar and Johnny said no, that she was mistaken. Sarah became very upset and screamed how dare he call her mother a liar. She cried and threw a pencil at Johnny. The other children soon joined in yelling that Johnny and I were nothing but horrible liars and it was all our fault that Sarah was crying and that they'll never believe our trickery. Johnny and I left the room, both of us looking at each other in stunned silence.

Now of course the story above isn't true, yet it is true. It's true in the sense that this is what atheists go thru with religious people. You can show factual evidence to them time and again and they either won't look at it, or claim we're faking or twisting the evidence. People are just too comfortable in their delusions. And if you don't think religion is a delusion, then maybe you should read the definition of delusion.


1. false belief: a persistent false belief held in the face of strong contradictory evidence

2. mistaken notion: a false or mistaken belief or idea about something

As you can see, religion would clearly fall under this catagory. I believe that would put the religious in the mentally handicap sector of the community.


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That is an interesting but surprisingly accurate way to describe most peoples reaction to evidence disproving "intelligent design" and the beliefs they hold so dear because it was what they learned as children.
this is awesome! i love this story! =) very true with what happens in this world!
Bahahaha! Oh wow. If only more chain letters looked like this instead of being a flawed moral story about Johnny living a good life, still going to hell, then coming back to warn everyone that the Jesus man doesn't fuck around on his salvation rules.
really good story I kinda wanna try this out on a class room of kids and see how it works out.
Beautiful Parable, Morgan...
Belief in god is a delusion, a lie told to us when we believed everything we were told without questioning, an insidious untruth foisted upon us when we were in no position to defend ourselves.
Some people harbor these delusions like everyone saw the emperor's new clothes. They don't really believe it but everyone else seems to, and who wants to stand out anyway?
Mankind can never be mentally healthy as long as mass delusions are tolerated.
Churches and Religious institutions of all kinds need to start paying taxes on the money that they rake in furthering the deterioration of the collective mental state. Once it stops being profitable, it may fall by the wayside and allow mankind to finally break the bonds that tie our minds behind our backs.
I'm glad you all liked this. I got an email today telling my an old post of mine was reprinted here. This isn't one of those forwards but that's not a bad idea! Feel free to pass this around to all your friends, I don't mind a bit.


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