Theists Arguments and Suffering Fools Gladly

There are three main positions that Theists tend to take when it comes to debating for Theism; the argument by authority, the straw man ( Aunt Sally in the UK) and the negative proof fallacy. These are all logic fallacies.

For the argument by authority position, it makes sense for Theists because of the very nature of their indoctrination, here is a good example of a possible source of this type of thought; “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” The institution of religion is by nature, very authoritative and children indoctrinated in it are taught to never question it. Take for example the topic of abortion, Theists often argue against it by saying that their deity disapproves of killing. However, with very little effort you can find many examples of their deity killing the innocent, infanticide, genocide and the killing of entire cities, man, woman and child and even women pregnant with child. Once you point this out to them, their entire argument falls apart because they were debating from the argument by authority position. It is far beyond their vision to simply say “I don't care if the Bible says it's okay, I think it is wrong.” Of course then they would have to think for themselves and come up with good logical reasons why it is wrong, which of course isn't very hard but that seems to elude the indoctrinated.

I have heard Theists say that Atheism is a religion, this is straw man based on ignorance because religion is a system based on indoctrination, Atheism looks to science for answers, so that means Atheism is based on education. So, by trying to twist around the meaning of Atheism and arguing against that, they have created a straw man Logic Fallacy. It is an argument to create a distraction from the real topic; Theists don't have a solid logical platform to stand on for their debates. It allows them to create their own version of reality in order to have a world view where their Bible makes sense. Theists will almost always use a straw man argument because they are looking at the world through a filter because the minute they stop making false assumptions about the world is the minute that their entire world view collapses. Trying to have a real debate with a Theist is folly.

Another position Theists take is the negative proof fallacy. It works like this; a premise cannot be proven false (the existence of a deity), so the premise must be true. They use this to try to counter Atheism. Then they will use this exact same fallacy in reverse to argue for them against Atheists; because a premise cannot be proven true (that there are no deities), the premise must be false.

So if you are in a debate with a Theist and any of these logic fallacies come up, there is a good chance that you are suffering fools gladly.


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