I had a girl at work tell me that she thought that McCain pairing with Governor Palin was one of the smartest moves a politician has ever made.

Is he just trying to nab the Hilary supporters with a shameless ploy? I'm dumbfounded by the fact that he only met her once and yet shes good enough to be a VP (not to mention the fact that he could keel over at any minute).

But hey, she was the mayor of a town of 7800 just a year and a half ago...

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She is bought and paid for by Big Oil, that is one of the reasons McCain "picked" her, as if he had a choice. We all know he was told to pick her, and like a good little puppet, he did as he was told.

You know I'm not a violent person... But seriously, this woman makes me want to kick her in the teeth.
I understand the whole "everyone has skeletons in their closet" proverb, but the things that constantly come out about this woman are astounding and possibly vomit-inducing at times.
The fact that she was caught on video saying that she "doesn't know what the Vice President does," is by far more than just a little scary.
I happen to know a few people that live/lived in Wasilla, AK while she was the mayor there. All of the people that I know from there dislike her for more than one reason and think she's an idiot.
It's a somewhat well known fact that she tried to fire the very respected Wasilla librarian when she refused to remove books from/censor the library at Palin's request. Not to mention that she prayed at a church that is firmly stuck in the idea of the rapture, calling Alaska a "refuge," and that they can speak "in tongues" at the will and the command of God.
I really can't go on about her anymore, because I might turn red and blow up. I didn't have much of an issue with McCain, besides the fact that he's too much like Cheney for his own good. Until he decided to pull the gender political ploy.
You know, I know that Obama isn't experienced, but I respect his choice in VP much more than I do McCain's. Because although Biden isn't well liked, at least he adds a contrast of experience and what-not to Obama....

My final conclusion on the matter is:


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