Pascals Wager.
Scare Tactics.

Anyone got cold, hard numbers on how many people in the world actually believe you'll be punished in a pit of flame for all eternity if you are atheist?


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Apparently so:

Mat 5:22 Mat 10:28 Mat 18:9 Mat 23:15 Mar 9:45 Luk 12:5 Luk 16:23 are some of them.
I watched a funny show oh the History channel about places on earth that people think are openings into hell. As usual in the Mistery channel, there wasn't actually any semblance of logical thinking in it, but it was still interesting to listen to hear the crazies talk.
i cant even remember the last time i met someone that believed in hell..and half of my friends are so called christian and catholic
Yes. I've said "No one goes anywhere until the Rapture." and just that seems to crumble people. Honesty... it seems fleeting.
I think you will find suicide is one way ticket to hell....something about wasting human life or something maybe?
"Hell is other people."
Xians say, "Hell is for other people."
Will we have bodies in hell so little devils can sticks things up our backsides?
I have four brother that believe in Hell. One of them used to constantly remind me of Hell....until I started asking for data about Hell. It went something like this:
Where is Hell?
Yea, but where exactly is it? Can you give me some coordinates?
Oh, yes it is! The way you describe it, this is the most terrible place in existence and you don't know where this place is?
What's the size of Hell? How big is it?
How many people are in Hell, give me an average?
What is a soul made of?
F___ YOU, GARY!....

Something like that. He doesn't discuss religion with me anymore.
By the way, I love that dude with all my mind! :)
lol! I ever got over on my brother like that I would get him every time we crossed paths. Thats to funny Gary. lol!
I love arguments that use swearing at the other person as a distraction/ending-the-conversation technique. It's very classy and effective.



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