Pascals Wager.
Scare Tactics.

Anyone got cold, hard numbers on how many people in the world actually believe you'll be punished in a pit of flame for all eternity if you are atheist?


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Ha, I think Hell is too *close* for many evangelicals, so they want to close their eyes to that part of the bible. Just more "modern-day" interpretations. Make a new bible already.
Well, in *my world* i personally know about 300, give or take a few. Some of them actually will swear under oath they've had "visions" of hell, in which they saw "sinners" having their skin flayed while stretched on racks, being burned, and lots of laughing demons.
"Some of them actually will swear under oath they've had "visions" of hell, in which they saw "sinners" having their skin flayed while stretched on racks, being burned, and lots of laughing demons."

And these people have not been commited to a secure medical facility for their own safety and the safety of others? What on earth is wrong with the US psychiatric/medical establishment? Did they not pay attention at medical school?
On a recent business trip, a salesmen said he thought that the times were ripe for the return of "The Lord". Not the Lord of the Rings, mind you geeks. I've heard the same tripe from my mother for years.

I'm hell bound as far as these people are concerned. And, also as far as they are concerned, I deserve it. Silly apes.
Personally, I've always felt that if I were God, I'd rather let people just wink out of existence (y'know, the way everybody REALLY does) instead of keeping them alive and suffering forever. I mean, yeah they're suffering, but they're still THERE. There's still evil in the universe, even if it's contained. I would prefer to let the evil die.

But that's me, and I make more sense than God (like most of us do).
Guys...hell is real.It's meant for Satan...not us. There is a reality out there is beyond our physical minds and senses.
of course, you *know* this because you have empirical proof?
there is much that exists that we do not know about or have proof of. just take a course is in quantum physics and you'll get what i mean. this doesn't mean there exists a god, but there certainly can exist a dimension of hell. question is, how would we end up there? i would certainly assume that it would not be in this physical form.

personally, i believe we're all some sort of alien dna experiment that went awry so they just left us stranded on this rock.....
Um...I studied quantum physics in graduate school, and I still don't "get what you mean." Physics doesn't teach that there's a lot "that exists that we do not know about or have proof of"; rather, it deals first of all, in what we can observe and what we do have evidence of. After that, there's a lot of speculation about what else there could be that we haven't discovered evidence for yet, but these are just theories until the evidence is found to support them.
Yeah I make works of fiction all the time. They're my reality as well.
Oh yes of course. So what's the point of putting him there if he can still do his evil influential deeds in our physical world? Why doesn't god just destroy him? Seems to me god is a moral ass.
Make that an immoral ass.



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