What parts of christianity can we take seriously enough to apply to our lives. aka what good is there in the Bible?

The truth of the situation is that in order for people to truly move on from their Christan ways it is very disconcerting for them to think that they have to abandon all their beliefs. What i hope we can get out of this is just a way to take a believer and ease them into atheism or figure out that the two systems are just much to incompatible. I would wish that it does not require a complete para dime shift. SO, the question is what can we atheists learn from theists?

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This is a difficult question to debate in my opinion as I have been convinced for a while that the Bible offers nothing of value to anyone seeking answers or truth. I am inclined to be patient and tolerant of all people and lifestyles but I think my bitterness towards all faiths taints my objectivity on this one. I don't deny that there are good ideals in the Bible but which ones can we parse away from the bad ones. The sad part is, there is so much in the Bible that will lead a person to put himself in judgment over others and there is so much that will lead a person and/or a society to violently enforce random interpretations and translations of the ancient text, that it's just too dangerous to consider a viable possibility. Men inherently know what's right and wrong and they form their societies on that basis.
So my conclusion is NO although I'm very curious about anyone's ideas regarding how this might be possible.
There is not much we can learn from theists. simply put. All we can do is point out all the mistakes/flaws and learn from them. For example this image

There is plenty of good in the Bible, but there is just as much rape, slavery, murder, genocide, et cetera.

Why not take your morality from common sense?

The link above will show you the many good things that are in the Bible. These are the things that we could live by everyday.

I am with Andrew, I do the good things listed in the bible because of common sence. I don't need to be a Christian to know these are good things to do.

Check out the link. This website also lists a lot of vile things the bible has in it too. The main reason I dislike Christianity.
I think this is sort of a moot discussion, and actually corroborates the unjust misinterpretation on the part of Christians that atheists have no morals. Secular humanism seems to be the popular choice for most atheists, and is far more developed than the Christian moral code. Consider some form of Humanism instead of a paradigm shift if you must, but I think the discussion itself is detrimental to our interests.


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