I will make it short and straight to the point.

I belive that human beings are not fully mentally developed until they love and recive that love back. I would go as far as saying, in my opinion love is everything good. It can also have powerful negatives when love is lost by side.

your thoughts please

keep safe

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nice reply man
This is an interesting idea that the mind is not fully experienced until we have lived the full spectrum of emotional interactions. I wonder if this would hold true for other emotions besides love; maybe we do not experience full consciousness until we have felt the depths of fear, anger, and grief as well. It would paint our identities as really dependent upon our interactions with others, and maybe modify our concept of what it means to be an independent individual.
Now that is intresting. I would have to say that I would hope not, the others you mentioned are all extremely negative, I would not wish any one of them on any one of you out there. maybe we only really experience the full spectrum life right at the end, death ?

Now that reads back as being somewhat holy but i def dont mean it like that, what I am trying to say shine is, well that death is the biggest fear, right at the end, the second before dying, now that must be right fucking scary. I mean really imagine the thoughts that will be running through your mind, here is some of my list

1. i have a thing about writing lists at the mo, sorry
2. I better not be fucking wrong

and then blackness, death and victory.............................

take care
Hmm, good point, those are all negative emotions! I guess that I was just thinking along the lines of the full spectrum of emotional interaction, and I probably should have included some more positive ones like compassion and empathy.

I agree that it doesn't sound nice to wish negative emotions like anger or fear on someone, but I do think that these are an important part of the human experience. Maybe it is just a question of intensity? As in, there is a threshold of when some fear is constructive but too much is traumatic. I guess that fear is a bad example because it doesn't necessarily involve an emotional interaction with someone. But maybe being angry with another person is better example of an exchange of powerful emotion with someone; maybe this would be a better example of a necessary experience in full emotional development.

Ok, I'm not making any sense and I think that I am rambling, lol. ;) But never apologize for making lists! I am addicted to making lists; I even make them on my days off.
What do u think about Ed Gain, he had plenty of "love" from his mother and look what he turned into.
i again would be of the opinion that true love that a child needs to thrive would need to come from both parents ars they both reprrsent different things to the child.
Yesting I phone out.sorry


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