I have been canned a couple of times for my atheist view. Our their any protections under the law for people who chose not to believe in imanginary friends. I know , as an atheist I am protected in schools, etc. But what about private employment. Rational thoughts, winded ramblings and other views are apprieciated.


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Thats so crazy that you have actually lost jobs over atheism! I liked Morgan's idea about the term nontheist but I wont use it because I stand strong that I shouldn't need to. It depends on the size of your company but I would definitely seek out your HR representative and let them know if you feel discriminated against at all. If that doesn't sound too appealing (never does to me), get out of the company. There are plenty of companies that will respect, if not share, our open minds (head on up to portland, plenty here!).

Interesting page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discrimination_against_atheists
That is fucked up, I don't know what you could do about it. Even if you could get an authority to agree that you have been discriminated against, your employer could always find another reason to get rid of you if they really wanted to.


I am going to have to agree with Dark here. The amount of potential money to hire a lawyer etc in the long term might prove to be fruitless. Unless something like this is picked up in the news then I see making a case. But haha the only way it would get picked up in the news is to make a case... sigh... haha

In all seriousness its just a dam shame that we still have this religious dogma in our work place still. What we do outside of the work place should have no bearing on how good or bad we work at work... I am going to have to find some case examples now.


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