Do bonesmen have an infleunce on eachother and the world after their Yale graduation?

In 2004 both John Kerry and George W. Bush (presidential candidates) were former members of the Yale University secret society "Skull and Bones". Does anyone think that Skull and Bones influenced them into being in both primary parties to guarantee a victory? Do you think Skull and Bones have influenced George W. Bush for the past 8 years? Keep in mind Skull and Bones also have a large amount of former (?) bonesmen in various government or powerful company positions.

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Uh, Yeah. Just another branch of Masons with other Germanic influences.
I think if you took a tally of the number of people of *any* group who were in charge of major corporations, countries, large cities, etc., you'd find that the trends tend to be pretty common. This is just another fruity little club, to paraphrase President Nixon.


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