Hi I'm Lindsey, I'm new to this site. Just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself! Really glad I found this place, can't wait to talk to y'all!

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Welcome! Ditto Nelson. You'll find that you'll start recognizing the usual suspects pretty quickly. Overall, it's a very friendly crowd. We're even nice to the theists who stop by, until they show us they don't deserve it. Honestly though... I've never found a more open, less drama filled, intellectually stimulating forum than what I've found here at T|A.
Heya Lindsey, welcome (again) to the site! :D
HEY right back, Lindsey! Welcome from another noobie. Tell us about yourself, please.
Not much to tell really. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, I love being outdoors, I attend the University of Utah but don't have a major yet. Just your average moneyless student wandering around without direction.
Well....you found US! How does an atheist fare in MORMON land?
Actually, most of my mormon friends seem to be pretty cool with it. But Salt Lake is alot more liberal than the rest of Utah. But Mormons can be pretty pushy about their religion, which gets annoying, and most of our state legislators are LDS and they never vote on anyting without asking the church's opinion first so it often feels like I'm living in a theocracy.
I hate to say this, but you ARE living in a theocracy! I've wondered for years how the LDS tribe gets away with imposing their religious values on the entire state of Utah. Of course, the Mormons were BIG in supporting Proposition 8 here---you know the one--it legalizes hate. That was Mormon money behind it.

Anyway...you're welcome here, Lindsey! Have you always been an atheist? Or did you begin as a Mormon?
Yeah, the LGBT community gets a crap deal here in Utah. In most parts of the state its still legal to fire or evict someone just for being gay. (We're safe in SLC because of a new city initiative. Did I forget to mention I'm a gay atheist living in the middle of Mormondom? Double suck!)

I haven't always been an atheist, but religion was never a very big part of my life so it wasn't difficult for me to come to that conclusion once I started questioning. And I was actually born in Michigan, we moved here when I was one, so no one in my family is Mormon :) Yes, for some reason, people actually choose to move to Utah!
Hi, I'm new as well, but welcome aboard!


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