I saw a disturbing video the other day about children being taken to a museum of natural science. "What?", you may ask. "How can taking children to a science museum be disturbing to one who believes in science?"

I shall explain!

The children who were taken to the museum were taken there by two guys who lead a lot of field trips for home schooled "Christian" children. These were no ordinary schoolteachers. No, not by any means. These people had the same intellectual capacity of Ben Stein and the host of lying thieves who were involved in the making of Expelled. They were taking the children through the museum pointing out all the items that were incorrect according to the bible and their teachings. They were doing it in such a way that the children were being imprinted - using the same methods as one would in hopes of imprinting normalcy back into someone who was being rescued from a cult - only these so-called "teachers" were introducing and imprinting these young impressionable children into a cult of ignorance, blindness, intolerance and disrespect. The video, from the television show "Nightline" is on YouTube here. It is about 10 minutes long, but you will clearly see how children by the thousands are being intellectually crippled in our society.

Via: http://www.borngodless.blogspot.com/

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"see how children by the thousands are being intellectually crippled in our society."....

just f'ing amazing... How can people be this ignorant??? Look at the parents... How can they be this disillusioned?
BTW I just wanted to saw wow on the adding comments with out having to reload the page just an amazing site!
I would concur this is very mind blowing. Watching the guys trying to do math (about dates) here is just laughable.
Very mind blowing indeed.
That's sick, its so much like cult brainwashing it unbelievable.

The part that did make me laugh though: at 5:24, when he accuses scientists of 'circular reasoning' because of the way they date prehistoric findings. All I could think of was this picture, and wanting to beat him over the head with it:


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