Now I have read that Great Britain is going to welcome the Pope in 2010. He is at present visiting the Czech Republic whilst in the Philippines they are being drowned, all their homes ruined. I suppose their god is too busy taking care of the pope to have time to help these poor people and their suffering.
I suppose the tax payer will be paying for his visit. Perhaps the pope would be better taking food to Africa.

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Perhaps if birth control were legal in the Philippines, there wouldn't be the insane poverty and overcrowding that lead to so many deaths and trauma when the floods hit.
I certainly agree. I feel so distraught as i know the answer is simple . Most of us know it but pressure does not seem to be put on such simple things to be put right. I thought to be religious meant you wanted to make life better for all and not some. No one will be allowed near the Pope to put these views to him and how a majority know what the right thing to do would be to put things right.
The UK Should to to the Pope what they did to Benny Hinn - not let him in.
I certainly agree But I cannot see this happening in a million years. If he
is allowed then there should be a representative for Atheists to put questions to the Pope. Not that he will give a satisfactory answer but just to show him that all in the UK do not agree with his outdated views.
i don't agree
hi becki, It certainly makes me feel better and I do believe that people of all faiths want to help the poor and underpriviledged. It is a shame that the Pope is not more in touch with the people.
Lets hope that a beginning of understanding and compassion will prevail throughout the world in the near future.
what a stupid idea. what problem are you going to solve handing out condoms?
Overpopulation and AIDS, maybe?
There is a smarter solution for that: People should not have sex all day long with 1000 people. The reasons for getting AIDS becomes even lower.
I see that you are no longer pretending that your purpose here is something other than trolling.
"sex all day long with 1000 people"

Crude, false, and bigoted. Sadly, we should expect no better from you.

I'd advise you not to talk about things that you haven't done any research on, but I know that with you that is very unlikely.

Yes, abstinence is a very effective way of reducing pregnancy and STDs. However, unless you are advocating that husbands not sleep with their wives, that's not going to help the overpopulation problem, now is it? Nor will it help the woman who is raped and does not wish to transfer any STDs (like AIDS) her rapist may have given her to her husband.

Condoms are a practical solution to actual problems. As such, they are far more useful than sneering slurs put forth by bigots.


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