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"f**k u... Christians can believe what they want so quit posting gayass videos cuz ur pissin people off. u dont bevive in god? i dont give a flying f**k but just please quit posting videos promoting hatred twords other peoples religion. keep that to uesrlf u "GOD"Damn atheist"

In speaking to Christians I keep finding this "idea" that Christians are under attack. I find it odd.... given there numbers in relation to other "religions" in the US.... they are on the top. However to talk to them you would think they were on the bottom dead last and are being repressed to boot. The quote above is an example of this idea. This person seems to believe that we are about to take over any second and remove him from his "faith". If you ignore the anger what are you left with - I see fear. I guess my bigger question is what does this person and Christan's have to be afraid of? Thinking for themself? Freedom of religion is a part of the Constitution do they feel we atheist are going to change that? I am very confused

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It might be fear of a true change in the number of theist in the country (or any country for that matter). All of a sudden people like this don't have the absolute majority behind them and they will have to question and think about their beliefs for themselfs, instead of blindly following what they were taught. I mean if you look at the fundamentalist Christian population in the US, I could see how even the mention of not believing in some sort of god would be so outlandish that someone would fly off the handle like this.


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