I have been thinking about noble gases and realise there must be twelve is this reasonning wrong?


                                                                                                            between each gas

 HELIUM            2                                        2
NEON               2,8                                      10
ARGON            2,8,8                                   18                          
KRYPTON        2,8,18,8                               36
XENON            2,8,18,18,8                            54
RADON           2,8,18,32,18,8                       86
UNUNOCTIUM 2,8,18,32,32,18,8                   118
8                    2,8,18,32,32,18,18,8               136
9                    2,8,18,18,32,32,18,18,8           154
10                  2,8,8,18,18,32,32,18,18,8        162
11                 2,8,8,18,18,32,32,18,18,8,8      170
12                 2,8,8,18,18,32,32,18,18,8,8,2    172

Then notice the difference column, is the same as the final noble gas number 12
172 on the periodic table.(sunshakium) smiley
It is all one,back to source.

Which means Noble gas 12, element 172 is the fabric of our universe.
As someone once said the last shall be the first.

Element 12   172 periodic completes the cycle fits between all the noble gases, as can be seen in the difference of electrons between each gas.

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