10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting ETs and UFOs found in Chhattisgarh


One of the ancient rock paintings carved on caves at Charama in Chhattisgarh's Kanker district. (TOI photo by Amit Bhardwaj)

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It's sad that they just released a Scarlett Johansson movie based entirely on this tired old urban legend.


I could be one of those duped by myth. I suspect we have yet to tap into the full capabilities of our brain. Aspects of brain capacity are interesting. How does the current world chess champion possess the ability to play twenty chess matches simultaneously while blindfolded? Or a savant recall specific weather patterns from decades past? It seems they have tapped into areas of the brain that most never utilize. Or perhaps it would be better phrased to say that certain select individuals have the ability to engage their brain function to a higher level.

We don't know whether such savants are using more brain geography or are simply using the same brain geography as the rest of us, only better.

Look at the rock, it is a smooth, curved rock; most likely caused by rain erosion. To the left, there is some residual sediment, possibly iron due to the color, brought by rain. If we consider that this painting was made in a rock, located in a jungle, without protection of the elements for ten thousand years, with a least seasonal rainfall, we can conclude that any distinctive feature should have been removed by the rain; and if we look behind the main painting, that is exactly what it looks like. That the painting have been repaint on top of another. Also notice, that below the painting the is no trace of erosion, unlike both left and right of the painting and this part looks more vivid than the rest of the painting. Which could mean that the repainting was done recently, instead of it being intact for ten thousand years.

this is what i love about the "everything is aliens" folks. impressions of dreams/visions, illustrating a myth, depicting a religious idea, all of these are far more plausible explanations. Occam's razor takes care of nearly all of these kinds of questions, in my opinion. if you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. here is a painting from my great gramma's people. it depicts a scene from a myth, an was most likely used to illustrate the story. some of these kinds of paintings are really striking by firelight, i've seen several cave paintings from my g-gramma's people that look fluid and almost animated by flickering campfire. no reason at all to assume aliens. the real question is, why do people want aliens to have come here so badly? it seems as zealous as any fundamentalist theism i have heard of...

 why do people want aliens to have come here so badly? it seems as zealous as any fundamentalist theism i have heard of...

Maybe its because we are sick and tired of the imposed discrimination of society for experiencing something different and we look for sources that match our own experiences , so we are not alone in this matter. If only things were taken seriously in a scientific way rather than a political way of enforced silencing, lack of transparency by military  and discrimination, the subject would be looked in a different way. You can't associate theism with biological life visiting from other solar systems.


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