The relevant part starts about 1:15 or so into the video...

Here's the link just in case the video decides not to show up...

Fourth Horseman (death) Egyptian riots. Full Original Video




Also, here:


Again, since, apparently, these videos do not want to play nice:

Incredible New Images of Horseman of Cairo




So... camera glare, hoax, a white horse being led (or ridden) by a human being, or an actual Horseman of the Apocalypse?


Personally, I don't know, although I've ruled the last possibility out because... you know... I'm rational and like to think I'm in touch with reality n' stuff...

Tags: apacolypse, gullible, horseman, stupidity

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Don't be silly, I totally know in my heart-soul that ghastly figure had two hands.  Clearly couldn't be Set.


Also, I'll be back I need to check with the High Priest to see if I believe in Set.

He says Set is a blasphemy.


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