The relevant part starts about 1:15 or so into the video...

Here's the link just in case the video decides not to show up...

Fourth Horseman (death) Egyptian riots. Full Original Video




Also, here:


Again, since, apparently, these videos do not want to play nice:

Incredible New Images of Horseman of Cairo




So... camera glare, hoax, a white horse being led (or ridden) by a human being, or an actual Horseman of the Apocalypse?


Personally, I don't know, although I've ruled the last possibility out because... you know... I'm rational and like to think I'm in touch with reality n' stuff...

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I would have to go with the last 2 are definitely NOT it..... because like you, I like to think I'm in touch with reality.   Most likely is a camera glare.  But its easy enough to see how gullible religitards would be convinced.
I think it is a unicorn.
Google ads just put up an advert for Allianz Horse Insurance....haha

This will make them more religious...


They are always waiting and preparing themselves to the appearance

Mary,s ghost that will appear at any time


 ▲ The appearance of the Virgin Mary on Pope Shenouda's face!


 ▲ The virgin Mary appeared like a pigeon

to the Pop Shenouda!


Hail mary, LOL


Are they serious, I mean, if you hadn't told me that there is gona be a ghost rider in that clip I would never hardly see it, because it's just a big lens flare smear, a very suggestive one I must be honest. But still a smear. People like that see jesus in dog's anuses:


How come  the four horsemen aren't the four stealth bomber pilots by now.  4 guys on horseback aren't gonna do much damage.  Come on horsemen stay up with the current modes of destruction and man the appropriate WMD.
On a show called Supernatural, they had War drive a red ford mustang. Maybe they are updating, but  just choosing to stay close to their roots for the lulz.
My wife and I love that show. It's been monopolizing our netflix queue for the past several weeks. :)
Compare the movement of the bottom of the 'horseman' to the fire in the upper left. It's nothing more than an upside-down reflection of the fire. I'm not super knowledgeable in the field of photography, but I'd surmise that this was either shot through a  closed window or the fire was reflected within the lens itself.
Dang! I could have sworn it was Set.   :p


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