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What would you consider evidence?

This is meant to be a hysterical thread for any jokes you want to make about this topic but also to serve as a serious place for me to unde…

Started by Belle Rose

425 1 hour ago
Reply by Fred Hampton


Everything dies. Not just me and you, but our planet..gone. Our solar system and galaxy, The Milky Way...gone. Then, the universe itself ke…

Started by Unseen

77 1 hour ago
Reply by Unseen

Does Secularism make things worse?

Often here at TA an argument is made that if only we dumped all religion and everyone was secular without belief in doG, we would all be fa…

Started by Dr. Bob

45 2 hours ago
Reply by Simon Paynton

I'm not one of you......

Yes I'm not an atheist, I'm a Christian and I came here to debate. Does anyone see any faults with Christianity? This seems like a very log…

Started by Nathaniel

79 7 hours ago
Reply by Nathaniel

Allow me to introduce myself. I want to share a discovering with everyone.

Hello, guys. I am new to the forums and would like to introduce myself. I'm a religious researcher. I recently finished writing a book r…

Started by Adrian Ferrer

11 8 hours ago
Reply by Gregg RThomas

The Implications of not being able to believe the President

If the President just announced something drastic...maybe that terrorists captured a nuclear device, would you believe him? I might not. Th…

Started by _Robert_

5 9 hours ago
Reply by _Robert_

Innoculation against stupidity is possible

Inoculation Theory suggests that teaching critical thinking to children will enable them to become resistant to religion and other non-rati…

Started by David Boots

6 12 hours ago
Reply by David Boots

Milo Yiannopoulos, topical, political, thought provoking and damn he pisses folks off....

Thought I would throw out a name that should bring out the best in all us Atheists....... I am curious on other atheists thoughts on this t…

Started by CDB

151 17 hours ago
Reply by Unseen

Fred Hampton Is New Here

Hi, thanks for creating this forum for atheists, of which I am, since about the age 1 hour(or less).  It's a WAR out there with billions of…

Started by Fred Hampton

6 18 hours ago
Reply by Fred Hampton

Who's really in control in The White House?

Is the Trump presidency a Steve Bannon "long con"?

Started by Unseen

13 20 hours ago
Reply by Fred Hampton


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