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I feel that agnotisicm is the personification of PASCAL'S WAGER.

Started by Chris Russell in Small TalkLatest Reply

Milo Yiannopoulos, topical, political, thought provoking and damn he pisses folks off....

Thought I would throw out a name that should bring out the best in all us Atheists....... I am curious on other atheists thoughts on this t…

Started by CDB in PoliticsLatest Reply

What would you consider evidence?

This is meant to be a hysterical thread for any jokes you want to make about this topic but also to serve as a serious place for me to unde…

Started by Belle Rose in Religion and the Religious, Atheism and AtheistsLatest Reply

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Your place to find out whats new and exciting!

132 Jun 2, 2017
Reply by Rebel

Small Talk

Discuss general issues that don't fit in other board categories

1717 Aug 8, 2020
Reply by D L

Welcome to Think Atheist

Stop in and introduce yourself! Don't be shy! (Introductions and their replies only please.)

578 Mar 28, 2017
Reply by Fred Hampton


Ask the members for advice on dealing with family, friends, and relationships.

377 Sep 25, 2017
Reply by Jimmy

Theistic Arguments and Debate Help

Post your question and get answers and debate help from other members. Discuss the arguments for and against the existence of god.

483 Apr 28, 2017
Reply by JadeBlackOlive

Religion and the Religious, Atheism and Atheists

A place for discussions about religions, and the lack of religion; the religious, and for theists to ask questions and engage us (no proselytizing!).

955 Apr 16, 2020
Flying Spaghetti Monster news
by Andrew Guthrie

Miscellaneous Sciences

Simple: if it's science, and it doesn't fit in one of the other discipline specific sections, it goes here.

308 Apr 19, 2017
Reply by Davis Goodman


Art and arts related topics.

5 May 20, 2016
Reply by Daniel W.

Atheist Parenting

Discuss the raising of your devil spawn here!

72 Mar 29, 2017
Reply by David Boots

Biology and Medicine

Biology, Evolution, the Evolution/Creationism "debate", Medicine and Medical Science.

66 No activity yet

Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology

Protons, electrons, quantum mechanics, stars, planets, black holes, The Big Bang... you get it.

63 Oct 31, 2016
Reply by Davis Goodman

Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology

How the brain works, how and what we think and why.

74 Sep 25, 2017
Self-confirmed atheists volunteer for a "mystical experience"...
by Jimmy

History, Archaeology, Paleontology

The past, as found in text, and in stone, including the history and origins of Christianity and other religions and Jesus-historicity.

54 Sep 20, 2016
Reply by TJ

Technology & Gaming


12 Jul 1, 2015
Reply by Unseen

Law, Trials, and Decisions

65 Aug 16, 2016
Reply by Unseen


154 Apr 9, 2020
Reply by Anna Lopata


105 May 18, 2017
Reply by Gregg RThomas

Crime and Punishment

28 Apr 24, 2016
Reply by Towers


3 Jun 27, 2014
Reply by Dan


4 Mar 20, 2016
Reply by Pope Beanie


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