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Atheists Are Not Moral People! Get Your Argument On!

A common comment that will be thrown at you when debating or discussing with a theist will be that "if you don't get your morality from god…

Started by Robert Karp

271 Aug 28, 2013
Reply by James Cox

Proof that God(s) can not exist.

I proved that God(s) can't exist and named my theory as "Fundamental Theory Of Existence". Here it is...Fundamental Theory Of Existence.I d…

Started by Sagar Gorijala

33 Aug 21, 2013
Reply by _Robert_

Bill of Assertive Rights

“A BILL OF ASSERTIVE RIGHTS I: You have the right to judge your own behavior, thoughts, and emotions, and to take the responsibility for t…

Started by Belle Rose

16 Aug 16, 2013
Reply by Simon Paynton

Christians are like children.

I have been noticing that some Christians if not all sometimes act like children. When in a heated debate they will use sarcasm or they wil…

Started by Redlilly Pond

72 Aug 9, 2013

How would you respond to this?

This was posted on my page from a girl I went to high school with....She said. "I have struggled to understand this for a long time...A man…

Started by Katie Mac - Upstate Atheists

35 Aug 6, 2013
Reply by Mohamed Ath

Mad At The Outcome? Thought Your God Had A Plan!!??

I just asked this question on my Facebook page... Devil's Advocate question time!! .......If EVERYTHING that happens is according to "G"s p…

Started by Katie Mac - Upstate Atheists

65 Jul 30, 2013
Reply by Simon Paynton

A new argument against God?

  Has anyone heard an argument like this before? (I came up with it on the way to work.)   It is logically possible for God to have brought…

Started by Bo Fowler

57 Jul 20, 2013

Facebook and my brohter...again

Alright, so most of you know about my brother and how he is a religious nut case.  But I wanted to share something with you that he posted…

Started by Black Dawn

1 Jul 18, 2013
Reply by Dave G

What's Your Best Argument For God?

I'm thinking about posting this to a few more religious forums, but I'd just like to hear what people have to say on here. So, playing Devi…

Started by Emily DW

201 Jul 13, 2013

God needn't be a man-made construct

As a species, when we were younger we anthropomorphised everything. In other words, we translated externalities through our own experience.…

Started by diggerbanks

67 Jun 28, 2013
Reply by Strega



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