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Can bible claims be proven true, or proven false? You decide.

The problem for gods and prophets is that they can’t resist making specific claims. Those are testable and verifiable. What claims in the b…

Started by Chrissi Ashby

9 Apr 6, 2010
Reply by Joni

There's hope yet...

I went out for drinks the other night with a couple friends of mine, and one of them is a devout Christian.  We've had MANY debates on Face…

Started by Nate

4 Apr 6, 2010
Reply by Prazzie

My friend just made me feel hurt.

I'm agnostic. My friend is a religious nut. He has refused a Christmas card/gift from me because according to him, "you don't believe or ce…

Started by Desirai

23 Apr 5, 2010
Reply by NatureBoy

I need help!

I recently posted a Carl Sagan quote to my facebook profile in honour of their 'A' week. Since posting this quote, my old "southern baptist…

Started by Mr Good Without God

77 Apr 4, 2010
Reply by Gaytor

God stuff

When you go to heaven to you finally have free will without consequences? Can God cast you to Hell for desiring things he would consider im…

Started by Chrissi Ashby

9 Apr 4, 2010
Reply by Dave G

Passion Play at Easter

Today in my city center there was a £35,000 Easter Passion Play, there was an estimated 10,000 people there (although when I went for a wee…

Started by Lucy Walsh

4 Apr 3, 2010
Reply by CJoe

Apparently Christians have made a new date for the Apocalypse... again. O.o

Okay... umm... so I was surfing youtube and I came across a bunch of videos made by various Christians claiming that the "Rapture" was to h…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

17 Apr 3, 2010
Reply by elaine kilshaw

Big Three challenge. (Abrahamic religion plagarism.)

Can someone...anyone.... find me a single article of the Christian, Muslim or Jewish faith that was not stolen (even inadvertently) from an…

Started by Misty: Baytheist Living!

4 Apr 1, 2010
Reply by Misty: Baytheist Living!

The Rate of Miscarriage

Some years ago a biology professor told me that about four out of five pregnancies result in miscarriage, usually before the woman even kno…

Started by Jean Smith

13 Mar 25, 2010
Reply by mike maloney

My bull crap meter is going haywire!

Wow.  Just wow. favorite lines: "B…

Started by Mario Rodgers

10 Mar 23, 2010
Reply by Mario Rodgers


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