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Religious people disavowing faith healing piss me off even more than faith healing believers

It's true.  At least believers in faith healing are consistent with their limited world view.  Realizing how much religious people who KNOW…

Started by Mario Rodgers

13 May 8, 2010
Reply by Janice Andrews

Acts of God, that old gag.

So Rick Perry, Governator of Reason, or Texas, said that the Oil Spill in the Gulf may have been "just an act of God" that could not have b…

Started by Gaytor

18 May 6, 2010
Reply by Mario Rodgers

God vs. other storybook characters

Okay... so far, the only "evidence" I have ever been able to get from a theist for the existence of God is  the Bible says that God is real…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

16 May 3, 2010
Reply by Natasha Kenny

Yahweh believes in Polytheism

According to the passage in the book of Exodus I have just read as a part of my "Read the Bible" project I have discovered something shocki…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

32 May 3, 2010
Reply by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

You can’t reason someone out of something they weren’t reasoned into to begin with.

I’ve been having a rather long online debate with an old friend who has become a fundamentalist Christian. The debate started because he po…

Started by Allen Sneed

20 May 2, 2010
Reply by Eric VanDeGenachte

Are Christians Waiting for the Return of Jesus still?

Our understanding of Jesus and the purpose of the Bible differs.Most of us Atheists see Christians as waiting for the impending. We've all…

Started by Gaytor

4 Apr 28, 2010
Reply by Gaytor

The Problem of Evil

The argument from design often contends the world as "too beautiful or good to have emerged without a benevolent creator." However, how d…

Started by Olivia Kuo

3 Apr 20, 2010
Reply by Mario Rodgers

Holy Crap what have I done?

 It all started when I saw this posted on my grandmas Facebook page   WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2…

Started by Jessica Renee

23 Apr 19, 2010
Reply by Danair Joa Estrare

I could use some help... yet again....

My brother  recently found out I am an atheist and is having a hard time dealing with it. He feels that I am lost and that I am not thinkin…

Started by Mr Good Without God

15 Apr 17, 2010
Reply by Wesley

The near death experience argument.

Really I don't know anyone who has had one, or do I want to. Further I have not really investigated it much either or do I want to. So in…

Started by Chris H

33 Apr 15, 2010
Reply by Owen


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