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How do you argue with an intelligent Christian? *long read*

Someone on YouTube said "How do you know that your logic is true? Also, how do you know that there is no God, based on that logic?" I respo…

Started by Anna Wright

14 Nov 29, 2013
Reply by SteveInCO

Preaching to the choir.

Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to preach to the choir? When everybody agrees with everything you say you can walk away confirmed…

Started by jb2013

16 Nov 23, 2013
Reply by dataguy

Where Is God?

If you google that question most of what you get are explanations of why God allows so much suffering and proofs of God’s existence. For lo…

Started by Giddian Beer

62 Nov 7, 2013
Reply by Jimmy

Fundy compares science to religion?

This fundamentalist "bishop" says you can't trust science because it is just like religion - always changing. Except his religion, of cours…

Started by Brent Griffiths

0 Nov 5, 2013

How does that work?

A while ago, 'She Who Must Be Obeyed', an almost Militant Christian, born of Missionary stock (who has since left me) was castigating me (a…

Started by Strass Strass

0 Nov 1, 2013

A crazy website. Amonst some other things.

Ok so I found a website that has a lot of crazy stuff on it: The owner of the site mentions that it is not a ha…

Started by Redlilly Pond

29 Oct 19, 2013

Give us your best aguments FOR a god !

Let's have some fun. Play god's advocate. I thought this would be easier. Arguing for god is not easy, especially if you don't use the holy…

Started by _Robert_

194 Oct 14, 2013
Reply by Strega

what was before the beginning….. ???

*************************************************************************************************************************************** qu…


66 Oct 10, 2013

Only God can be an atheist

"No one can be an atheist who does not know all the things. Only God is an atheist. The devil is the greatest believer and he has his reaso…

Started by Elon Johnson

11 Sep 28, 2013
Reply by Simon Paynton

"Believing there is no God is just as ridiculous as believing in one."

OK, to be clear: no, it's not.    This steaming turd of wisdom was laid upon me by a friend of mine, someone I generally respect and consid…

Started by Brian Daurelle

55 Sep 28, 2013
Reply by Tom Sarbeck



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