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"Nobody has ever believed that god is a literal being"

So, a guy at work made the argument that the idea of god has always been metaphorical and that people have never believed that god is an ac…

Started by Eddie Miles III

2 May 30, 2010
Reply by doone

Is it "immoral" to prey on the christ people?

I'm looking for support here! Ha...I'm curious though as to what my thinking athiest business people/artists/etc. think about an idea I had…

Started by Becky Glynn

14 May 24, 2010
Reply by Becky Glynn

Laminin Molecules Hold Us Together

My friends have been purporting the following as evidence for Intelligent Design. I don't know much about it, but does anyone on here know…

Started by Mr Good Without God

7 May 16, 2010
Reply by No name

Dr. William Lane Craig humiliates Dr. Peter Atkins that atheists! Burn! You f***ers all got pwnd by THE Dr. Craig! On a more serious note, it s…

Started by Cynical Soldier

9 May 15, 2010
Reply by Cynical Soldier

My friend tells me that "jesus freed us from the old testament." Does it say that anywhere in the bible?

Whenever I am arguing with my friend and I bring up a passage from the old testament he says that it doesn't matter because christians don'…

Started by mike maloney

11 May 15, 2010
Reply by Harris Tweed

The Hypocrisy of Religion

A popular 'Theistic' Argument, is against science--shocking, I know. 'You cannot trust science!' is the popular argument that I speak of.…

Started by Andrew Lafont

6 May 14, 2010
Reply by Michael R

Anonymous letter explaining cross theft sent to Desert Dispatch

BARSTOW • An anonymous caller, claiming to know the details of the theft of the Mojave Cross, contacted the Desert Dispatch newsroom at aro…

Started by Bill

0 May 14, 2010

Well What if you're wrong?

Let's start it off with a simple one. xtain : "Well what if you're wrong?' Rebuttals?

Started by Dan

66 May 14, 2010
Reply by Harris Tweed

Is America being overrun by the ignorant?

My religious conservative friends spam my mailbox and fb, woodpecker-like, with insane nonsense about how liberals don't believe in the con…

Started by Bill

8 May 13, 2010
Reply by Bill

Is debating someone like this a waste of time? posted me a link to this woman's youtube channel for a laugh, and it took me a little while…

Started by Paul Perry

7 May 13, 2010
Reply by Wesley


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