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Does Hosea 13 Prove that God is Immoral ?

Jean Marie wrote'commenting on Michael's explanation of  Hosea 13  in the thread on Phylum Level Evolution: "The children in the fierceness…

Started by Michael

166 Feb 20, 2010
Reply by Michael

Is Hell really depicted as "bad" or "good"?

The Bible clearly states that anyone that maintains belief in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can be let into Heaven, even if the man has…

Started by Krysis

5 Jan 23, 2010
Reply by Kirk Holden

I just had to share this with everyone..

Seriously, how fucking cool is that?! I mean if you showed that to half of the Christians in the world they wouldn't even know what to s…

Started by Morticia

35 Jan 19, 2010
Reply by Colten Lee Woolsey

Here's a "Bible Contradiction" you may find useful

Ecclesiastes 3:18-21. I've emphasised the key bit to remember: I also thought, "As for men, God tests them so that they may see that they…

Started by Deaken

2 Jan 18, 2010
Reply by dr howard davis

Eden's Talking Lizard

After the "serpent" of Eden smooth-talked humanity's mother, resulting in a whole chain of events leading up to Pat Robertson and popes exp…

Started by Nix Manes

43 Jan 16, 2010
Reply by Dan Barker

101 Bible Contradictions

101 Bible Contradictions Before reading this booklet please note the following points: "Any argument should be examined throughly before…

Started by Kate

28 Jan 14, 2010
Reply by dr howard davis

Eve's Nakedness Not An Issue Until Adam Eats

Why is it that after Eve eats of the forbidden fruit that she doesn't give a shit about her nakedness until after Adam eats it, too?

Started by Nix Manes

4 Dec 7, 2009
Reply by Nix Manes

Bible contradictions - by category

Theological contradictions 1. Is there only one God? Yes Dt 4:35 Quote: Unto thee it was shewed, that thou mightest know that the LORD h…

Started by Morgan Matthew

8 Nov 7, 2009
Reply by luis

Eden's "Knowledge" Tree: An Ongoing Failure

Here are a couple of thoughts on the effects (or non-effects) of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil... Since only Adam and Eve ate…

Started by Nix Manes

5 Oct 26, 2009
Reply by noisician

Jesus said to hate everyone but him?

I wrote about this today in my blog Attempts at Rational Behavior, here is the post: Luke 14:25-27 25 Large crowds were traveling with Je…

Started by Julie

23 Sep 5, 2009
Reply by Reggie


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