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In Defense of ‘Islamophobia’

There have been a lot of articles recently which take people like R. Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bill Maher and Sam Harris to task for being…

Started by Brian DaurelleLatest Reply

Living freely.

If you could own a country of your own, what would you do differently than any other country? And what would your ideal country be like? Wo…

Started by Quincy MaxwellLatest Reply

My Double-Identity, Being of Color and An Atheist

Slowly in my years of development, I peeled away my Christian thinking and realized that at heart, I always was an atheist in some capacity…

Started by K ParnellLatest Reply

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The Cop/Black Conundrum... Some thoughts

Because there are so many instances of unjustified shootings of often unarmed black men or black men not posing a major risk, black communi…

Started by Unseen

22 on Monday
Reply by Unseen

Love this!!!! WBC got silenced!!!

Did you all see this? The WBC was SHUT DOWN! Haha!…

Started by Belle Rose

9 Jun 26
Reply by Belle Rose


I'll put the bottom line at the top: America's #1 violence problem isn't guns, it's Americans.   If guns were outlawed (no, I won't say "…

Started by Unseen

59 Jun 25
Reply by SteveInCO

Let's become just like Ceaucescu's Romania, East Germany, and North Korea

It's called "See something, say something" and it's what Americans—especially Muslim-Americans—are expected to do. If you think your kid, y…

Started by Unseen

1 Jun 17
Reply by Pope Beanie

This topic again

When I was young, my dad assured me that "technology always creates more jobs than it costs," but this may not be the case. In fact, I'm be…

Started by Unseen

26 Jun 12
Reply by Unseen

The real danger to children

I saw this article today: Saying that children are more likely…

Started by Belle Rose

26 May 28
Reply by _Robert_

Feeling down lately

So this year is going horrible so far,I witnessed insane deaths of many people,people burned,people are squished under trains, aeroplanes k…

Started by proudAthiest

16 May 25
Reply by proudAthiest

Man faces hate crime charge in Scotland over dog's 'Nazi salute'

Wow! I thought political correctness was bad enough in the US!  From this article: A man has been arrested over an online video that report…

Started by Unseen

18 May 13
Reply by Unseen

Teacher Fired For Using the word "Vagina": Censorship Gone Too Far?

A teacher lost her job for using the word Vagina in a lecture about art history for 8th graders. Should she really have lost her job for us…

Started by Erin

15 May 8
Reply by Unseen

Is public education the problem rather than the solution? How about home schooling?

From the preface of Paul Goodman's classic sociological work, Compulsory Miseducation When at a meeting, I offer that perhaps we already ha…

Started by Unseen

6 May 4
Reply by SteveInCO


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Honour killing & Pakistani Muslim

Posted by navid on July 18, 2016 at 6:00am 8 Comments


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