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Living freely.

If you could own a country of your own, what would you do differently than any other country? And what would your ideal country be like? Wo…

Started by Quincy MaxwellLatest Reply

My Double-Identity, Being of Color and An Atheist

Slowly in my years of development, I peeled away my Christian thinking and realized that at heart, I always was an atheist in some capacity…

Started by K ParnellLatest Reply

Adopted "-isms"

What school of thought do you identify most with, and why? I'm just beginning to look at philosophy, and find humanism attractive (AC Grayl…

Started by ReneeLatest Reply

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What do you think of Higher Power(s)? Please share.

I think that higher power(s) can be a good thing or sometimes a bad thing. When it comes to providing us with some security and safety it c…

Started by Chelsey Carlson

5 1 hour ago
Reply by Erock68la

To assimilate? Or not to assimilate? That is the question

I live in a place that really doesn't suit me. I only just recently made this connection about myself, and it happened by accident. That is…

Started by Belle Rose

35 17 hours ago
Reply by Noel

Sunday Disassembly

Sunday Assembly is a growing phenomenon across the world. Take a look at this story and video. While I agree with the intentions of the Sun…

Started by Reg The Fronkey Farmer

31 yesterday
Reply by Pope Beanie

In Defense of ‘Islamophobia’

There have been a lot of articles recently which take people like R. Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bill Maher and Sam Harris to task for being…

Started by Brian Daurelle

60 yesterday
Reply by Pope Beanie

Should getting a college degree be treated as a form of national service?

I've been thinking (always a dangerous enterprise). It's important to have people ready to defend the country, and so we are generous to th…

Started by Unseen

45 Oct 18
Reply by Unseen

Will LGBT People Be Absent In The Near Future?

****Edit: I wrote this when I was feeling depressed and I realize my error of over-generalizing my statements!**** It is undeniable that if…

Started by Ari

78 Oct 15
Reply by Virgil

The truth about NFL player domestic violence and arrests

A few cases of domestic violence have been in the news lately. Over the last few years there have been many instances of players in the new…

Started by Unseen

0 Oct 11

Athiest Movemnt Article in Salon

Thought this was an interesting read. Don't agree with all of the anti "unfettered capitalism" rant, but still over all was interesting. Sh…

Started by Ken P

2 Oct 4
Reply by W Robb aka Lmale

Taco John's and the "gaytard"

"Tyler Brandt’s supervisor created and required him to wear a name tag labeled “GAYTARD” while he worked at a Taco John’s restaurant in Ya…

Started by Gallup's Mirror

1 Sep 29
Reply by captain kingsway

"Nude" women's cycling team uniforms: indecent?

The Women's Cycling Team of Columbia-- featuring cyclists Angie Rojas, Laura Lozano, Luz Adriana Tovar, Ana Cristina Sanabria, Argenis and…

Started by Gallup's Mirror

47 Sep 23
Reply by Gallup's Mirror


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