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In Defense of ‘Islamophobia’

There have been a lot of articles recently which take people like R. Dawkins, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Bill Maher and Sam Harris to task for being…

Started by Brian DaurelleLatest Reply

Living freely.

If you could own a country of your own, what would you do differently than any other country? And what would your ideal country be like? Wo…

Started by Quincy MaxwellLatest Reply

My Double-Identity, Being of Color and An Atheist

Slowly in my years of development, I peeled away my Christian thinking and realized that at heart, I always was an atheist in some capacity…

Started by K ParnellLatest Reply

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Conservative minister obstructs progression of gay pardon law

Conservative minister obstructs progression of gay pardon law Rowena Mason  Deputy political editor  the Guardian | Friday 21 October 2016…

Started by Stephen

15 on Sunday
Reply by Daniel W.

Restricted mass murder in the name of religion as opposed to a holocaust under secularism

The holocaust probably would not have happened if it wasn't for Christianity. Whether Hitler was an atheist or not is not important. Whethe…

Started by Wassabi

8 Oct 1
Reply by TJ

Research seems to indicate that American cops shoot WHITES at a higher rate than blacks

Academic research on police shootings and race The percentage of homicide victims who die from police shootings is greater for whites and H…

Started by Unseen

20 Sep 27
Reply by TJ

Grammar (selection-based) schools - are they socially divisive?

Our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced her plans to expand the number of grammar schools in the UK (Guardian Article). For thos…

Started by Simon Mathews

30 Sep 22
Reply by Unseen

Are all men (and women) created equal?

I'm curious how people think of this. Jefferson proposed that it is a self-evident Truth that "all men are created equal" .  Let's leave as…

Started by Dr. Bob

115 Sep 16
Reply by Unseen

Native American gender roles

I found an interesting article about how Native Americans viewed gender roles before Europeans came along and took a crap on their entire c…

Started by Simon Mathews

5 Sep 8
Reply by matt.clerke

How do Muslim men REALLY view American women?

My new job requires that I visit with people in their homes. I was recently going to meet with a Muslim man in his house. Our initial conta…

Started by Belle Rose

11 Aug 23
Reply by Reg The Fronkey Farmer

If prostitution should be legal, then should propositioning for paid sex be legal, too?

The subject line says it all. A lot of us, myself included, hold the view that making prostitution illegal for either the prostitute or her…

Started by Unseen

20 Aug 11
Reply by TJ

This topic again

When I was young, my dad assured me that "technology always creates more jobs than it costs," but this may not be the case. In fact, I'm be…

Started by Unseen

29 Jul 31
Reply by Dr. Bob

The Cop/Black Conundrum... Some thoughts

Because there are so many instances of unjustified shootings of often unarmed black men or black men not posing a major risk, black communi…

Started by Unseen

22 Jul 18
Reply by Unseen


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