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Do you think this proves we have souls?

This is a video about a blind person who was apparently able to see during her OBE and NDE. It is a short video. Collected by Kenneth Ring,…

Started by Violeta Babacan

24 Apr 14, 2017
Reply by TJ

is this normal?

I'm only 13 and I talk with my friends about a lot of important topics like society, the fat acceptance movement, genders, hate, and a lot…

Started by Hunter Goodman

12 Apr 7, 2017
Reply by Davis Goodman

Do you really understand and accept death? Your death?

People have a funny way of talking about death. This is true even of people who don't believe in an afterlife or soul. Many seem to talk an…

Started by Unseen

58 Apr 6, 2017
Reply by Unseen

Do humans benefit the Earth? If so, explain.

Hi, I'm new here and joined the forum in order to find the truth to life. Do we bring anything to the table? Do other animals pollute? If…

Started by Tyrion

32 Apr 4, 2017
Reply by Davis Goodman

I think this may prove Christianity right!

I was looking on the internet, I found Near Death Experience videos! Many of them show Christian things. I challenge anyone, find me any Mu…

Started by Christiano Lucarelli

38 Apr 3, 2017
Reply by Hunter Goodman


In the endless and tiresome bickering/debating over god's existence why is it that theists are not attempting to substantiate their claims…

Started by Jake LaFort

21 Apr 3, 2017
Reply by TJ

Reg, in what way are you a Fronkey Farmer?

I mean, are you Reg the Fronkey (adjective) Farmer, a farmer characterized by fronkiness?  Or do you farm fronkeys (presumably a cross betw…

Started by Unseen

31 Mar 29, 2017
Reply by Zombie Athiest

The Bali Drugs Question

You are on holiday in Bali with your wife and 18 year old son. You have been there for a week and are ready to head home. All three of you…

Started by Davis Goodman

8 Mar 26, 2017
Reply by Gregg RThomas

Aheists, I would love your opinion on deathbed and "spiritual" visions!

I have noticed in India, that many people claim to be next to a person's deathbed and then they claim to see this whitish soul looking thin…

Started by Violeta Babacan

11 Mar 23, 2017
Reply by Anaru

Take this quiz!!!

Ok Atheists: put your knowledge of Christianity to the test: Finding Jesus Quiz. If you get them all right, pass GO, collect $200 and a fre…

Started by Belle Rose

16 Mar 12, 2017
Reply by Beth


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