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On Buddhism

Perhaps I'm a "weekend warrior" skeptic, but I've said before that Buddhism is the only religion that I admire and respect and will likely…

Started by Mario Rodgers

10 Apr 18, 2010
Reply by Paul

If God. . .

If God in all his power suddenly came before you and said "Behold, atheists!  You are wrong!  Now bow before me in reverence!", would you k…

Started by Mario Rodgers

29 Apr 14, 2010
Reply by CJoe

I really hate getting into religious discussions with my family

I usually try to never rock the boat and get my family members to reject religion and other elements of superstitions.  However, without fa…

Started by Mario Rodgers

10 Apr 14, 2010
Reply by Owen

Science 1 Religion 0

My family were talking about how many ribs were in a human and what the difference was between man and woman.  My father is a preacher and…

Started by Mario Rodgers

11 Apr 13, 2010
Reply by Rebecca Parker

Hit and Run Christian David Mbaus Runs Quickly!

I've added a Word Document to this discussion. You can find the full conversation that I'm referring to in that document. It's to recap wha…

Started by Gaytor

6 Apr 13, 2010
Reply by Reggie

Acceptable behavior verses clinically insane?

Could somebody tell me what the difference is between religious traditions and the actions of the criminally, I mean clinically, insane?Wha…

Started by Mario Rodgers

2 Apr 13, 2010
Reply by Shine

How do I get the "Tweets" sticker to go away?

It overlaps the text and makes the site difficult to read.

Started by Hawaii Atheist

2 Apr 11, 2010
Reply by Galen

if you can't run with the BIG dog=god stay on your own LITTLE PORch

francis hatin writes: THANKS 2 YOu&yoURs 4 US&Ours an OTHERS for BAnING aTHEISt FRANCIS HATIN exPLAIN if yoU thINK it reQUIRED I D…

Started by Morgan Matthew

31 Apr 11, 2010

Think Atheist Podcast

Hey Think Atheist, I'd just like to thank Synthaetica for yesterday's podcast, and for featuring my blog heavily in the content. If anyone…

Started by Martin Pribble

0 Apr 8, 2010

Darwin and Dawkins : The Prophets of Atheism Unveiled

Tomorrow night (Wednesday 17th March) the University of Plymouth Islamic Society will be giving a talk entitled Darwin and Dawkins : The P…

Started by CthulhuRisen

11 Apr 8, 2010
Reply by Mr. Apostate


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