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My Son's Facebook Post

Our cluster of galaxies, the milky way, our solar system, the earth, our hemisphere, our country, our state, our county/parish/region/city/…

Started by girlatheist

25 Jan 14, 2011
Reply by Lisa


Steve:  Thanks for your candidness.  It is rare that people are willing to share not only their perspective but how they came to their conc…

Started by Timothy Williamson

5 Jan 14, 2011
Reply by Timothy Williamson

What I love most about Think Atheist!

We all know when you have conversations with theists there always gets to a point where the theist becomes 'offended' by something you say…

Started by Dustin

4 Jan 14, 2011
Reply by Allen Sneed

The Scarlet A contradiction

Hi everyone :) i hope you're all doing well. I've been so quiet on this site lately because I started a new job two months ago and things h…

Started by kelltrill

39 Jan 13, 2011
Reply by Anathema6205

Exorcism Films

As an atheist, I can say that I enjoy them, but I enjoy anything macabre. Do you guys watch religious films like possession films?

Started by Anathema6205

3 Jan 13, 2011
Reply by Anathema6205

2011 Calendar

Hey everyone!Since last year's calendars were such a success, we'd like to do them again this year. This time, however, we're doing a monta…

Started by Laura

159 Jan 12, 2011
Reply by James

How do you, as an atheist, view pride?

To Christians, pride is a vice.  ie. Satan fell from grace because of his "prideful" nature, but in reality, pride in oneself is NOT a vice…

Started by Cathy Cooper

2 Jan 11, 2011
Reply by Cathy Cooper

Worrying trend of brainwashing.

Hi every one. My name is Daniel. I Am a 31 year old athiest father of two grils aged (Nearly) 5 and 1. This is the first Discussion I have…

Started by Daniel Williams

2 Jan 10, 2011
Reply by MetalOllie

Stephen Fry - QI

Hi all   Just wondering if anyone else on here watches QI (Quite Interesting)?   It is hosted by a british comedian and atheist named Steph…

Started by Jarrod Payne

10 Jan 10, 2011
Reply by Reg The Fronkey Farmer

"Brilliant" Programmer Commits Suicide

This is very sad. Bill Zeller, a Princeton Ph.D., committed suicide recently and left a 4,000-word suicide note, which is included in the l…

Started by Gilbert Carvey

1 Jan 8, 2011
Reply by Galen


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