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How to easily manipulate people into voting for something utterly against their best interests

I almost cried when I saw the final tally. It is a traumatic day for many Brits and most Europeans who are utterly stunned and shocked. Thi…

Started by Davis GoodmanLatest Reply

JW's & Child Abuse

Jehovah's Witnesses and child abuse – is there a problem? IN RECENT years, news reports featuring the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been growin…

Started by JadeBlackOliveLatest Reply

Geniuses find brilliant new alternative to FGM...

As Compromise To Female Genital Mutilation, Gynecologists Propose 'Nicks' LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Countries that have banned…

Started by Michelle SandallLatest Reply

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★★ [4.3 SECOND conversion] ★★: CONVERT religious to atheist, in roughly 4.3 seconds

Simply say to theist: (1) They don't observe themselves as omniscient. (2) They want to absolutely believe that God exists. (Probably…

Started by ProgrammingGodJordan

22 1 hour ago
Reply by Strega

★★★★★★★★★★★★ [1 second conversion] Convert theist to atheist, in 1 second ★★★★★★★★★★★★

STATE PREMISE: Mankind observes things probabilistically, (empirical uncertainty principle. Also, recall that you “theists” see yourselv…

Started by ProgrammingGodJordan

9 1 hour ago
Reply by Strega

Would you consider me to be an atheist, agnostic, or theist?

I have given this a lot of thought: I am not 100% sure whether or not there is a creator I do not believe the Bible, the Quran, or any reli…

Started by Violeta Babacan

38 14 hours ago
Reply by Belle Rose

Immaculate conception!!

Yes that's right. For all of you naysayers behold: You…

Started by Belle Rose

2 21 hours ago
Reply by matt.clerke


She insulted my apartment so I knocked her flat.

Started by W1NT3R5

55 on Monday
Reply by Strega

This is pretty heavy.

I feel more comfortable sharing this here because we are anonymous. Maybe not Anonymous, but you wouldn't know who I really was based on m…

Started by W1NT3R5

18 on Monday
Reply by W1NT3R5

★★ The human race is inherently atheistic (says simple science)

Myth God Image Credits: Kerenos, Mtg Art . . . The human race is inherently atheistic, as we physically shan't believe. How?   (1) In…

Started by ProgrammingGodJordan

29 on Sunday
Reply by matt.clerke

Neil Degrasse has been quoted speaking of the Universe as concieveably being a simulation. Is such a notion plausibly possible?

Neil Degrasse has been quoted speaking of the Universe as concieveably being a simulation. Is such a notion plausibly possible?

Started by Michael

67 Jan 12
Reply by Michael

Is scientology a religion?

I am often asked my opinion of scientology: is it a “REAL” religion?  My answer: “Who cares?”  It’s just another of a couple of thousand pr…

Started by Dale Headley

12 Jan 11
Reply by TJ

★★ new CULT ★★: "NON-BELIEFISM" aka "unlock'd"

[TAGLINE:] "NON-BELIEFISM" [aka: the state of being 'UNLOCKED!' .... or "unlock'd" .... OR the absence of all beliefs] [AIM:] This…

Started by ProgrammingGodJordan

54 Jan 9
Reply by ProgrammingGodJordan


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