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Donation of Royalties

As promised, I just donated $9.12, which is the one half of the royalties I received for my book, "Is God Really Necessary," over the last…

Started by Casey DormanLatest Reply


I have not thought of a person of faith that I can ask about the mention of unicorns in the bible. It seems like such a trap to put them in…

Started by Stephen GunnLatest Reply


Eish!!*Early this morning, as usual, I was out walking my dog. It rained last night, so the dust had settled, the air was clear, cool, and…

Started by Strass StrassLatest Reply

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Update the energy experimental work with the crop circles.

Well the progress of working with the codes for the latest transfer system is going well.

Started by captain kingsway

0 20 minutes ago

Having trouble getting in the new site

It won't accept my s/n or password from TA  so I tried to re-register as new member... I get to the part about the puzzle that has to be so…

Started by Virgil

15 Jul 21
Reply by Kimberly Danner

Thoughts on the Women's World Cup and soccer/football in general

What a game! Three goals in the first sixteen minutes all by Carli Lloyd, and the last one of those from fifty some yards away.  Seeing the…

Started by Unseen

15 Jul 7
Reply by Unseen

An Atheist Time Capsule

You know when you graduate college...well at least at my college we all contributed something to a time capsule that was basically a huge b…

Started by Belle Rose

0 Jul 6

gay marriage decision

To my way of thinking, the most heartening aspect of the Court’s gay-marriage decision is the fact that, according to the latest polls, 63%…

Started by Dale Headley

6 Jul 6
Reply by Karen Eliot

Flying the Atheist Banner on Independence Day

To U.S. citizens: So is it in atheism's best interests to promote supernatural abstinence on the Fourth of July?  http://content.usatoday.c

Started by Ed

10 Jul 6
Reply by Pope Beanie

Questions from an old member who hasn't been around in quite awhile...

Hey Folks, I've been a member here for quite some time, but due to numerous unforeseen circumstances and issues in my life I've not been ab…

Started by Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek)

3 Jul 6
Reply by Rocky Oliver (LotusGeek)

"It's not Adam and Steve, it's Adam and Eve"

Did you ever hear this one? Theists become sanctimonious when they use this nonsense. They think it's some kind of knock-down argument when…

Started by Logicallunatic

36 Jul 1
Reply by Kirk LeFou

Babies Are Not Born Atheists

"Babies Are Not Born Atheists" is an article published by Chris Benek, editor of the His assertions are laughable at bes…

Started by Ed

90 Jul 1

Misguided Atheism

Is atheism experiencing growing pains with all this in house bickering and accusations of racism and sexism? We have certain individuals wh…

Started by Ed

38 Jun 25
Reply by Gary Clouse


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