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Church recruiting drive targets two-year-olds

another desperate attempt by the holy ones. Children as young as two are to be targeted as part of a new campaign to recruit young people…

Started by a7

2 Dec 24, 2009
Reply by Galen

Thou shalt not steal ... except for shoplifting.

Rev Tim Jones, an Anglican priest in the UK, stated that people should turn to shoplifting if they were having trouble making ends meet, ra…

Started by Dave G

16 Dec 23, 2009
Reply by elaine kilshaw

Holistic Quantum Relativity

This Google Group Is an attempt to tie in spirituality with science. If I'm not mistaken, DK has found some vector patterns and related it…

Started by Andrew Schatz

1 Dec 23, 2009
Reply by Michael

Muslim police chef defeated in 'bacon roll' tribunal faces £75,000 legal bill

You could not make this up, I have my own wee story similar to this which I will post a blog about. A Muslim chef who lost a claim of reli…

Started by a7

1 Dec 23, 2009
Reply by elaine kilshaw


Now I have read that Great Britain is going to welcome the Pope in 2010. He is at present visiting the Czech Republic whilst in the Philipp…

Started by elaine kilshaw

48 Dec 19, 2009
Reply by Gaytor

Evolution is a very flawed theory

Not really hate mail. But you get the idea. Evolution is a very flawed theory and nothing more than that. It is nothing more than a reason…

Started by Morgan Matthew

38 Dec 16, 2009
Reply by Dave G

Why not make our own Petroleum? (from rapture ready)

I don't even know what to make of this... haha "For one thing, the implications of being able to do in a short period of time, what many b…

Started by Morgan Matthew

3 Dec 15, 2009
Reply by CthulhuRisen

Armed forces bishop says sorry for praising Taliban (UK)

Hi, below you will read why the religious moderates of this world are just as if not more dangerous as the fundies. Lets look at the facts.…

Started by a7

0 Dec 14, 2009

10 Signs of a CULT

You heard about those Mormon cops arresting that gay couple for a kiss on the cheek? Well, here's the video of it and it is TOTALLY WTF.…

Started by Morgan Matthew

2 Dec 6, 2009
Reply by Reggie

Have you ever participated (or in childhood, been forced to participate) in a religious ritual?

A lot of us at Think Atheist were raised into a religion, or have at least had personal contact with religion through family and friends.…

Started by Izzy

29 Dec 5, 2009
Reply by Becki Winlo


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