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Immortality is a Curse... A Facebook Note I made

Immortality is a curse, whether in Heaven or Hell... it is a curse   Although the pain from losing a loved one is sharp and so is the knowl…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

3 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Jennifer Ulean Breedlove

Yahweh raped a virgin

Original Sin: Let me get this straight... About 6,000 years ago a god named Yahweh decides to create everything, including the first humans…

Started by Allen Sneed

19 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Dustin

How do you witness to an Atheist?

How do you witness to an Atheist? -The greatest single cause of atheism in the world is Christians: who acknowledge Jesus with their lips,…

Started by Mr Good Without God

15 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Mandy Lynn

I just realised Jesus' sacrifice makes sense.

Of course, only if you accept the doctorine of original sin.   I was reading this article by Dawkins and realised this: 1. God makes man. 2…

Started by Jānis Ķimsis

27 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Jennifer Ulean Breedlove

I don't know which is the more frustrating religion anymore

Islam with its seeming magnetism of cowardice, violence, and misogyny, not to mention a blind hero worship of their so called prophet?  Or…

Started by Mario Rodgers

13 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Natarajan Shanker

Why bother disproving christianity and islam?

Hello All,   For several months now I've been reading the materials on this site, which focus mostly on Jesus- which is to be expected in a…

Started by Wassabi

12 Dec 26, 2010
Reply by Cecilia

Unintended negative consequences of global atheism.

I have a close friend. He is neither smart nor prone to thinking outside the box. He's a conservative Christian, ultra Republican (for you …

Started by Josh

0 Dec 26, 2010

Christianity hard to prove, but it's "truth"

I'm not one to usually post, but I read this in my local newspaper today and died a little on the inside. From the history comprehension f…

Started by Matt

33 Dec 25, 2010
Reply by Reg The Fronkey Farmer

Atheism is For Adults!

Atheism is a more adult world view than theism. Adults, we would hope, would talk to each other with reason and respect; of course in the r…

Started by Bill

47 Dec 24, 2010
Reply by Bill

Did Hitchens apologize for 'Spreading Atheism Throughout the World'??????

Yeah, I used 6 question marks.     My Grandmother who generally says the most irrational things - mentioned she saw a clip of Hitchens rece…

Started by Dustin

15 Dec 24, 2010
Reply by Caitlin


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