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End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word (Tale of the Hoodwinked)   End of Days in May? Christian group spreads word   (More nonsens…

Started by Michael

0 Jan 3, 2011

The voice of god.

I just finished a conversation with a muslim guy, no mentioning the abnormal justification of his doctrine, I asked him if he listen the go…

Started by Carlos Lopez

3 Jan 3, 2011
Reply by Carlos Lopez

Atheists were never Christians

I posted on THEREVLyle's youtube's page, he's a pastor debating with one of my favorite atheists (a former priest) Edward Tarte.  I put up…

Started by Janelle Campbell

25 Jan 3, 2011
Reply by Jason D. Johnson

So is there such a thing as a 'good' Christian?

Sorry for the elementary nature of this question.  I'm a recovering former-Christian and after spending decades trying to make Christianity…

Started by dataguy

32 Jan 2, 2011
Reply by Chris Thomas

how would they respond?

i've wondered- suppose atheists were to offer a consession to theists: you can have your religious laws- and in return we ask that you stop…

Started by Wassabi

2 Jan 1, 2011
Reply by Wassabi

The Amish Community

What do you guys think about the Amish community? Do you think that their lifestyle, excluding any religious implications, is a lifestyle a…

Started by Julien

33 Dec 31, 2010
Reply by Julien

Atheism & Divorce: Divorce Rates for Atheists are Among the Lowest in America

Atheism & Divorce: Divorce Rates for Atheists are Among the Lowest in America Why Do Conservative Christian Defenders of Marriage Get D…

Started by Mr Good Without God

6 Dec 30, 2010
Reply by Nelson

So WE are the ones who are arrogant. Ah. I get it.

I'm new here. Hello. Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but here's an article written by an atheist who says that atheists are the…

Started by Gilbert Carvey

1 Dec 30, 2010
Reply by Sir de Home

Why I Dislike Islam (and ALL Abrahamic Faiths)

Because they are founded in an impossible claim.  They claim that apostasy is the single most unforgivable act, yet I have no choice but to…

Started by Michael Sizer-Watt

9 Dec 29, 2010
Reply by Dustin

Immortality is a Curse... A Facebook Note I made

Immortality is a curse, whether in Heaven or Hell... it is a curse   Although the pain from losing a loved one is sharp and so is the knowl…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen Angel

3 Dec 27, 2010
Reply by Jennifer Ulean Breedlove


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