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Jesus is a Dead Rebel Mammal

If Jesus was the “Son of God”(which he wasn’t), he knowingly was on a suicide mission from his “Dad”, who, it stands to reason, was also a…

Started by Fred Hampton

14 Apr 3, 2017
Reply by Fred Hampton

Poem: Clergy

Clergy by ze Think…JUST…THINK!IF-it-ALL-is-a-LIEand you could DIEin a NY minute…and God’s not out there orIN here or anywhere to be foundHi…

Started by Fred Hampton

1 Mar 29, 2017
Reply by Gregg RThomas

What really goes on (or went on) with the Catholic Church and exorcisms?

Could it be that "exorcisms" is nothing more than a code word for massive mind control? 

Started by Nerdy Keith

4 Feb 28, 2017
Reply by Gregg RThomas

Want a pay rise? Offer prayers regularly!

MUZAFFARABAD: The new chief justice of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Supreme Court (AJKSC) announced on Saturday that officers of the court s…

Started by Rebel

3 Feb 27, 2017
Reply by Gregg RThomas

A paradigm change is needed - yes I am talking about you

The non-believer needs to understand this more than anyone, but I doubt they do in general. The paradigm must CHANGE I cannot support the c…

Started by David Boots

13 Feb 23, 2017
Reply by David Boots

(Slightly nervous) greetings from a "gentle" Christian

I have recently retired and wishing to keep my brain active I am looking for things to keep me busy. I was raised a Christian (Church of En…

Started by J.Melton

69 Jan 23, 2017
Reply by Jake LaFort

Evidence for God's existence

Hello, all. This post is for the purpose of addressing some common questions often raised by atheists: Who or what is God? Where is the evi…

Started by Bob Servetus

27 Jan 22, 2017
Reply by Davis Goodman

Is this religious symbol a violation of the US first amendment?

American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Centre is going through legal proceedings over a Christian cross statue on US f…

Started by Nerdy Keith

12 Dec 28, 2016
Reply by Unseen

Mob 'besieging' Ahmadi place of worship in Chakwal dispersed by police

The place of worship located in the limits of the Chowas Saidan Shah police station area in Chakwal's Dhalmial district was 'attacked' by…

Started by Rebel

5 Dec 20, 2016
Reply by Gregg RThomas

Is there a connection between the preached attitude of sex and relationships within Christian communities; in regards to child abuse?

Quite clearly the Catholic Church has been given a very bad reputation due to its massive child abuse cover up scandals. Not just because o…

Started by Nerdy Keith

2 Oct 18, 2016
Reply by Jake LaFort


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