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Cognitive dissonance and terror management.

Is Cognative dissonance and terror management the impetus for this vehement hatred of atheists? Are we a threat to the immortality projects…

Started by DronepiperLatest Reply

If you woke up tomorrow...

DISCLAIMER: This discussion is a thought experiment. I realise that God/Gods cannot be proved or disproved so please answer this discussion…

Started by Simon MathewsLatest Reply

Is it possible to kill in the name of Atheism?

We have all heard the tired arguments trotted about by theists about how Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler killed people in the name of atheism. T…

Started by Simon MathewsLatest Reply

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Is this religious symbol a violation of the US first amendment?

American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Centre is going through legal proceedings over a Christian cross statue on US f…

Started by Nerdy Keith

4 12 hours ago
Reply by Jake LaFort

Is there a connection between the preached attitude of sex and relationships within Christian communities; in regards to child abuse?

Quite clearly the Catholic Church has been given a very bad reputation due to its massive child abuse cover up scandals. Not just because o…

Started by Nerdy Keith

2 Oct 18
Reply by Jake LaFort

Does Catholicism have a culture?

From time to time religion as a topic does come up on the web with me. I have no problem freely describing myself as an "ex-Catholic", but…

Started by Nerdy Keith

19 Oct 12
Reply by Chris

Coming To Terms With Death

Yes I do realise this is a morbid topic. It's been a very long stressful, sad and tiring week for me and my family. We buried my Granddad o…

Started by Nerdy Keith

22 Sep 15
Reply by Casey Dorman

Atheism is a belief... don't say it aint. It's a belief in non-existence of god.

Atheism is a belief... don't say it aint. It's a belief in the NON-existence of god.

Started by DanPill

180 Sep 7
Reply by Davis Goodman

A new Bible for the new millenium

One of the things I have often thought is an albatross around the neck of most religions are their holy books. Don't most Christians these…

Started by Simon Mathews

8 May 29
Reply by SteveInCO

What caused this apparition in 1968 witnessed by thousands in Egypt?

Zeitoun-Cairo (Egypt)   Our Lady of Light 1968-1971 At the Zeiton Church in Egypt this apparition was witnessed by thousands. The…

Started by Michael

41 May 25
Reply by _Robert_

Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain Pakistani politician, recounts torment as hostage

Lahore, Pakistan (CNN) -- What is it like living nearly half a decade as a hostage, shuffled between warring militant groups along the noto…

Started by umar

2 May 19
Reply by Daniel W.

Church marketing fail

I posted this when we were briefly atheistzone so some people may have missed it. It is on a billboard outside a baptist church near where…

Started by Simon Mathews

6 Apr 13
Reply by Unseen

Intellectuals on the Plight of Liberals in Egypt: There Can be No Progress without Blasphemy

Egypt - An interesting discussion with Arab "Intellectuals" who say that with the current blasphemy laws, the Arab world can't get anywhere…

Started by Stephen

0 Mar 20



Five pretty moons with possible life

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk. Last reply by TJ 11 hours ago. 1 Reply


Started by W1NT3R5 in Small Talk. Last reply by _Robert_ 14 hours ago. 13 Replies

Hellish Venus

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk. Last reply by matt.clerke 16 hours ago. 4 Replies

A fun philosophy thought experiment

Started by Davis Goodman in Small Talk. Last reply by Gregg RThomas 9 hours ago. 27 Replies


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