Pseudoscience, The Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theories (97)

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May 21st, 2011 excuse predictions.

So sometimes i don't make it to the forum as much as I'd like, so I apologize if this has been discussed previously.   However, I was readi…

Started by Kai

2 Apr 22, 2011
Reply by Kai

What do you think of stories about people dieing going to heaven and coming back to life?

Well today I was on amazon looking at the top 100 books and I found a book called Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of Hi…

Started by Justine Robinson

25 Mar 21, 2011
Reply by Alayna

Lunar anomalies, evidence of past civilizations in prehistory?

  The earth had tectonic plates and life much earlier than previously thought.   Were there civilizations here during the pre-cambrian that…

Started by Michael

0 Mar 17, 2011

The Atlantis Civilization

Show me the evidence.

Started by Loop Johnny

2 Mar 14, 2011
Reply by Laura Jones

Why does NASA continue to push Peer rejected findings?

Why does NASA continue  to push Peer rejected findings?   (On the other hand mum on allegations of doctoring photos of structures on the Mo…

Started by Michael

10 Mar 10, 2011
Reply by Michael

Exorcism !! hoooo

Hi guys,  What do you think of exorcism ? I know that almost all religions practice it , so have you ever met or witnessed a sceen where a…

Started by idcollapse Ra

9 Mar 3, 2011
Reply by Will H

woman walks after 23 years in wheel chair........

This video is of a woman walking after 23 yeears in a wheel chair. This is crap. Did anyone ask her if she has been to the doctor? And if "…

Started by Joli

9 Mar 3, 2011
Reply by Ronald

The best evidence of morphing UFO's

Don't know which is more scary? The event or the presenter.

Started by Michael

0 Mar 1, 2011

Harmful to science I've seen this just now on google adds and I thought to my self, ok there is spirituality and then the…

Started by Gregor Basić

0 Feb 22, 2011

In India, Astrology is science!

Go on, admit it, you probably take a sneaky peak at your horoscope in the newspaper now and then, out of idle curiosity of course. In India…

Started by Sathish Thota

2 Feb 8, 2011
Reply by Timothy Gentle


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