Pseudoscience, The Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theories (97)

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There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus: Period.

"Aliens Cause Global Warming” is a rather interesting speech given by Michael Crichton which may have you thinking hard about your opinions…

Started by Unseen

54 Sep 3, 2012

UFO over the Kremlin?

This extraordinary footage shows a UFO over the Kremlin in 2009.  Have not encountered anything to debunk this one yet. Despite the cesspoo…

Started by Michael

28 Jun 28, 2012
Reply by Michael

Psychics & Police

I'm from a small, country town in Texas. One with churches on every corner. I was reading THIS article from the county's website about a ps…

Started by Ronald

24 Jun 19, 2012
Reply by kOrsan

So, who's seen a 'ghost'?

Hi everyone, I had a chat with my girlfriend the other night about the metaphysical and some of the reasons why people may believe in ghost…

Started by Remy du Plessis

3 Apr 30, 2012
Reply by Tr Dev

Woolly Mammoth or Ron Jeremy Bathing?

Le Woolly Mammoth Sighting As always I'm a skeptic and most likely with reason.  First, as it always seems with cryptozoological footage,…

Started by Ateo1979

1 Apr 19, 2012
Reply by John Jon

Dome of the Rock UFO Jerusalem - New close up footage

 Strange event at the Dome of the Rock  (Jersusalem) recorded from various distances.  What could it be?  Do events like this fuel religiou…

Started by Michael

19 Apr 4, 2012
Reply by Michael

Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter? 2012

 Personally, I will wait with bated breath for the HD pictures to be released by China, before I believe this one. Too much trickery on You…

Started by Michael

9 Mar 29, 2012
Reply by Michael

Strange Trumpet Sounds Heard in Many Places, Why Now?

Distinct trumphet sounds are purported to have been heard in many place within the last year. I live in North Carolina, and have wittnessed…

Started by Michael

3 Feb 28, 2012
Reply by Michael

Ancient Aliens on the History Channel - WOW

I posted this on my blog but realized I should have made it a discussion topic...sorry if this annoying, I'm new to the site!   I hope some…

Started by Tex in the City

73 Feb 25, 2012
Reply by Off-The-Grid

Drunvalo Melchizedek

My best friend told me that she is watching a documentary by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I have never heard of him. I read a bit about him, and f…

Started by Laura Johnson

13 Feb 19, 2012
Reply by Miles


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