Pseudoscience, The Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theories (94)

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What did Tesla really do?

What do you think Tesla actually created? Conspiracy theorists latch onto Tesla like cooked spaghetti on the roof. These stories seem to se…

Started by dragotron

6 Mar 23, 2013
Reply by Kairan Nierde

Interstellar Travel

36% of Americans believe in UFOs, that is, though most Unidentified Aerial Phenomena are actually explained as such mundane things as misid…

Started by Tyche

109 Feb 21, 2013
Reply by Gregg R Thomas

HELP! Demon Story From My Sincere Co-Worker

I personally do not believe in such things, but it makes me wonder why some of the people I know, really genuine, nice and truthful people,…

Started by James Andrade

48 Jan 30, 2013
Reply by Ray R.

Magician Wayne Houchin attacked on TV show

Magician Wayne Houchin was deliberately set on fire by the host of a TV show in the Dominican Republic. The host said he was going to give…

Started by Willson Stoner

14 Jan 3, 2013
Reply by Gallup's Mirror

The Illuminati conspiracy

 Yesterday i was having a conversation with a co-worker who went on a lengthy soliloquy about the Illuminati and their plans on world domin…

Started by Raptor Jesus

13 Nov 25, 2012
Reply by Unseen

There is no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus: Period.

"Aliens Cause Global Warming” is a rather interesting speech given by Michael Crichton which may have you thinking hard about your opinions…

Started by Unseen

54 Sep 3, 2012

UFO over the Kremlin?

This extraordinary footage shows a UFO over the Kremlin in 2009.  Have not encountered anything to debunk this one yet. Despite the cesspoo…

Started by Michael

28 Jun 28, 2012
Reply by Michael

Psychics & Police

I'm from a small, country town in Texas. One with churches on every corner. I was reading THIS article from the county's website about a ps…

Started by Ronald

24 Jun 19, 2012
Reply by kOrsan

Karma - real or woo?

Someone mentioned karma in a different discussion earlier today and that got me thinking - how many atheists out there believe in or dictat…

Started by Pinko Commie

44 Jun 16, 2012
Reply by Unseen

So, who's seen a 'ghost'?

Hi everyone, I had a chat with my girlfriend the other night about the metaphysical and some of the reasons why people may believe in ghost…

Started by Remy du Plessis

3 Apr 30, 2012
Reply by Tr Dev



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