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I don't understand Brexit

Can someone please explain why it matters? CNN is not too helpful as they are using it as a catapult to talk further about Trump. I want to…

Started by Belle Rose

21 13 hours ago
Reply by Simon Mathews

Is Donald Trump in the early stages of Alzheimer's?

Recently, I asked myself if the man I refer to as DAFFY DUCKTAIL DON (aka The Trumpster, The Teflon Don, or simply The Donald) might be suf…

Started by Unseen

15 16 hours ago
Reply by All And One

Messin' with the god folks

I thought you all might enjoy adding realistic comments to an extreme right-wing religious organization. So please respond to their nonsens…

Started by Richard Foster

0 on Saturday

What are we going to do about guns?

I never (ever) thought I would see the day that I would join the NRA. Or consider learning how to (responsibly and legally) carry a conceal…

Started by Belle Rose

9 on Saturday
Reply by Unseen

Scary Trump speech to the NRA after its endorsement

Even though I'm largely against gun control (for some of the reasons Trump addresses in his speech), he is a scary guy. As I listened to th…

Started by Unseen

14 May 22
Reply by SteveInCO

My worst nightmare is becoming a reality

Donald Trump is now going to be the Republican nominee and the next POTUS. HOW fucking stupid is this nation? Seriously. I was just readin…

Started by Belle Rose

45 May 20
Reply by Unseen

I now endorse Donald Trump for POTUS...Here is why...

When I first heard that Donald Trump was running for President I laughed hysterically, rolled my eyes and thought to myself, "Whatever." I…

Started by Belle Rose

19 Apr 26
Reply by Pope Beanie

Trump or Cruz? Cruz or Trump?

Imagine you're a Republican atheist and you have to choose between The Donald or Ted Cruz. Now, were it me, I'd have to hold my nose and th…

Started by Unseen

14 Apr 22
Reply by Dale Headley

"First they piss on us, then they complain about the smell"

This was the much commented and shared headline of a letter to a Danish paper from a museum inspector in rural south Denmark. It was a resp…

Started by Arcus

1 Apr 4
Reply by Unseen

Another Hitler

Do you see parallels between Trump and Hitler? Or is it just me?..... If he gets elected I am going to leave the U.S and never look back.

Started by Belle Rose

29 Mar 12
Reply by SteveInCO



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