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Bad news regarding the American presidential election

1. Trump has more minority support than you might suppose (read here) American minorities tend to be Christian and unemployed and they see…

Started by Unseen

108 yesterday
Reply by SteveInCO

What does "earn" mean to you?

"Liberals just want to take money that isn't theirs and give it to people who didn't earn it" is the sort of thing I've heard from conserva…

Started by Unseen

79 Dec 2, 2015
Reply by Unseen

Anarchism: threat or menace? (Scott Graves, this means you)

Okay, forgive me the attention-getting headline.  Scott Graves has proclaimed himself an anarchist. I went through this phase for about a y…

Started by Unseen

91 Nov 25, 2015
Reply by Ian

It would seem that Carson isn't the only candidate with a crazy religious background

http://jonathanturley.org/2013/10/12/ted-cruz-dominionism-and-jesus/ If you read the Hedges' book mentioned in the article, it makes a cert…

Started by Mary

5 Nov 23, 2015
Reply by TJ

Dr. Ben Carson's religion IS fair game. In fact, it needs to be discussed!

Supposedly in US politics it's kind of a cardinal sin to go after an opponent's religion, much like going after their family. Yet, over the…

Started by Unseen

64 Nov 18, 2015
Reply by TJ

Can we please stop beating a dead horse?

I don't know if you all are watching the coverage of Hillary Clinton get questioned and grilled by Republicans obviously trying to discredi…

Started by Belle Rose

23 Nov 4, 2015
Reply by matt.clerke

US Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: We May Be Headed Toward 'End of Days'

GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson says its possible the world is headed toward the end times prophesied in the Bible, but added that as…

Started by Unseen

13 Oct 18, 2015
Reply by Davis Goodman

Cartoonist predicts Trump will be the GOP nominee. Explains why. And...he's not joking!

Related article here.

Started by Unseen

18 Oct 15, 2015
Reply by Davis Goodman

Are you for or against the TPP (TransPacific Partnership)?

President Obama seems determined to get it done, but labor and progressives and even many conservatives are against it. And why are the det…

Started by Unseen

4 Oct 15, 2015
Reply by Davis Goodman

Religious Climate in America in 2005

http://www.thisamericanlife.org/…/episo…/290/godless-america This is a podcast from about a decade ago that highlights issues of separation…

Started by Emily DeWoolfson

2 Oct 12, 2015
Reply by Emily DeWoolfson



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