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Will Pres. Obama’s budget bankrupt country?

The country was already broke when it was handed to him. He’s playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. It’s a long term plan…

Started by Sophie

6 Mar 27, 2009
Reply by doone

Cartoons of Evil!

Danish death threats, Embassy bombings and Muslim outcry world-wide for the Islam set. Let's see what the Jews do! (Must not insert a joke…

Started by Misty: Baytheist Living!

1 Mar 27, 2009
Reply by doone

Email addresses of ND state senators with sample letter

HB 1572, a bill granting the legal status of personhood to human embryos and even single-celled zygotes, has passed the North Dakota House…

Started by Morgan Matthew

17 Mar 21, 2009
Reply by James

Does anyone else feel the bailout as more the single greatest scam ever committed towards the American people..is something real big and bad about to happen?

Does anyone else feel the bailout as more the single greatest scam ever committed towards the American people... is something real big and…

Started by Morgan Matthew

18 Mar 19, 2009
Reply by brkfstclblvr

The 'DeMinted' Attack on Birth Control

Just catching up on all my RSS and found out that last Friday South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint sponsored an amendment to the budget. Among…

Started by Johnny

4 Mar 14, 2009
Reply by Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D.

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Abolish the Federal Reserve

Before the US House of Representatives, February 4, 2009, introducing the The Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, H.R. 833. Madame Speake…

Started by Morgan Matthew

17 Mar 12, 2009
Reply by mcash1

Atheist in a Foxhole????

Are there any?

Started by Trunx

20 Mar 9, 2009
Reply by Josh

The Federal Reserve System is a Private Bank

Thomas Jefferson, declared, "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and th…

Started by Morgan Matthew

4 Feb 20, 2009
Reply by davesnothome

Is It Life or Not

Just state your views on the topic of life & abortion. Simple, non offensive. My last try to boil up a debate was frown upon so here's…

Started by Rev. Tom Hicks, D.D.

16 Feb 19, 2009
Reply by chiz

Todd Palin Guilty: Contempt of Senate (Video)

Branchflower Investigation? $100,000 James Dobson Legal Offense Fund? $185,000 Todd Palin & Co. in Contempt of Senate? PRICELESS! La…

Started by Morgan Matthew

0 Feb 7, 2009


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