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Free Will

We all want to believe in free will, don't we? We want to feel that we consciously choose what we do, and that other people do as well. As…

Started by Unseen

5 Aug 7, 2011
Reply by Unseen

Meaning Without Religion

Since we've been discussing absurdity without god here, I've been thinking a bit on life and meaning.    About 5 years ago, my father sat d…

Started by Tim

8 Aug 6, 2011
Reply by Dave Porter

Human as strong sources of everything

If all we can sens are sourced from our illusions, and that there is no absolute existence of anything. We just see humans as strong source…

Started by Jean Claude Kubwimana

3 Aug 3, 2011
Reply by Nelson

Do questions about the meaning of life, purpose, and morality even make sense?

People often ask questions about the "meaning of life" or the "purpose of life". But such questions are often asked carelessly, without cle…

Started by Mark Stout

1 Jul 13, 2011
Reply by Brian Wood

Narcissim vs. the masses.

Is it o.k. to be so self centered that when someone says, "Y'know someone always has it worse.", to shrug it off as inapplicable? I would s…

Started by The Doctor

4 Jul 6, 2011
Reply by Heather Spoonheim

Is "God" the cause of war?

According to the Bible, it's been calculated that "God" killed over 2 million people. How? He burned them, smote them, and plagued them. Ac…

Started by Michael Rose

31 Jul 4, 2011
Reply by Walrus T

Logic puzzle

I've stolen this simple one, so no googling allowed: There are three logicians who are able to reason and deduce with perfect accuracy, the…

Started by Arcus

17 Jun 21, 2011
Reply by Freek

Freewill and Atheism

Are you an atheist who belives in freewill. Or are you long past believing in the concept of freewill? I cannot imagine being a non-theist…

Started by ☼ Doctor Reality ☼

68 Jun 13, 2011
Reply by Nathan Palo

There is no such thing as intrinsic humanity, Humanism itself is false consciousness.

This article from the Guardian has really got my synapses in a mess. The full article itself is worth a read but the summary can be found i…

Started by Robert Karp

15 Jun 11, 2011
Reply by Doug Reardon

Logical conundrum

If a equals a (A=A) and a equals b (A=B), how come A=A ≠ A=B. What informs A through B which A doesn't inform itself? Picked from: Conversa…

Started by Arcus

37 May 30, 2011
Reply by kris feenstra


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