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I would like people's opinion on the following writing: How do we embrace vulnerability? We are all vulnerable there is no question abou…

Started by Belle Rose

8 Oct 9, 2014
Reply by Simon Paynton

What to do about psychopaths now that we can identify them?

Psychopaths aren't evil, they simply have defective brains. Yet, while they are only 1% of the population, they are 20% of prison inmates.…

Started by Unseen

80 Sep 26, 2014
Reply by H3xx

The Capacity for Love - cross species bonds....

I have recently become fascinated with evolutionary biology! The things that are being discovered about mammals, and the ability to form bo…

Started by Belle Rose

12 Sep 16, 2014
Reply by James Cox

Knowledge is Powerful, knowledge is heavy....

I sometimes envy people who are uneducated. I am referring to people who I have met who do not know what they don't know, so they simply do…

Started by Belle Rose

11 Sep 6, 2014
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

What's some of the evidence that supports the thesis that the "Intelligent Designer" was beyond stupid.

Let me name the ways. (I will limit myself to three.) With any intelligence would he/she/it have designed: 1) Tooth decay? 2) An amygdala t…

Started by Tom Sarbeck

45 Aug 31, 2014
Reply by Diane

Fear - Your worst enemy

~ "I have spent my whole life scared, frightened of things that could happen, might happen, might not happen, 50-years I spent like that. F…

Started by Belle Rose

7 Aug 31, 2014
Reply by Simon Paynton

Are feelings questionable?

I think we all can agree on the statement that “feelings are subjective.”  We don’t always have good reasons to feel one way or another abo…

Started by Monica McGee (Monicks)

30 Feb 19, 2014
Reply by Tom Sarbeck

The Raccoon's rapid and ongoing behavioral evolution

This morning I watched a fascinting PBS documentary about raccoon intelligence. Here is a link to the full 50 minute video. Raccoons are…

Started by Unseen

8 Feb 6, 2014
Reply by Dr. Bob

Why do abused spouses seek out abusers?

Revelations by members here, a relative who had an abusive spouse, and (don't laugh) a Doctor Who episode "The Beast Below" all got togethe…

Started by Ward Cressin

1 Jan 4, 2014
Reply by Belle Rose

Real Recovery

I'm wondering what you all think....... Do addicts ever REALLY recover? I'm thinking about addicts to anything. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. Gambl…

Started by Belle Rose

18 Dec 19, 2013
Reply by MikeLong


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