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Calling all teachers, professors, and other educators! Evolution in the classroom question!

Hello. I would like to ask a question to any and all teaching professionals on this website. It pertains to evolution in the classroom and…

Started by Anna WrightLatest Reply

READ THIS! Arsenic-utilizing life form discovered by NASA! (In California)

THIS http://gizmodo.com/5704158/ READ IT! Excuse me for my caps, but I am excited.   MOD EDIT: Here's is the article in question, update…

Started by Loop JohnnyLatest Reply

New Debate Topic: The Historicity of Jesus

Before I begin with the Debate topic... let's set some ground rules: Mods! Please correct anyone who engages in these things! Thanks a bunc…

Started by Skycomet the Fallen AngelLatest Reply

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What, for you, is Science?

In another thread, @ Reg posts: What is the best tool we have to get answers? Science is. Science does not care for the truth. It does not…

Started by Dr. Bob

99 Apr 26
Reply by Pope Beanie

Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism

Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism A controversial study with a surprising finding Organized religion is a cornerstone…

Started by Stephen

2 Feb 16
Reply by Simon Paynton

Gravitational waves: discovery hailed as breakthrough of the century

Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in spacetime first anticipated by Albert Einstein a century ago. “W…

Started by Stephen

5 Feb 13
Reply by SteveInCO

How are we Atheists going to celebrate Darwins Birthday ?

Charles Darwin: Evolution and the story of our species The man who struggled with his own ideas Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by nat…

Started by Stephen

4 Feb 10
Reply by Jake LaFort

We Are All Schrodinger's Cat.

We are all Schrodinger's Cat. That's my quick analysis of life, I guess... There are countless sources on everything science; theories tha…

Started by Elli Leimone

12 Mar 19, 2015
Reply by Elli Leimone

crop circles.

The ongoing experiments with the crop circle phenomena ha been quite interesting to say the least. The energy seems to be in the bent grass…

Started by captain kingsway

0 Feb 17, 2015

You think there's a multiverse?

  The following is an excerpt from "New Scientist" Magazine.  "COSMOLOGY is in crisis. Recent experiments have given us an increasingly pre…

Started by Michael

58 Feb 13, 2015
Reply by Pope Beanie

Is Aging an Accident of Evolution?

"Everyone has assumed we age by rust. But how do you explain animals that don't age? Some tortoises lay eggs at the age of 100, there are w…

Started by Morgan Matthew

11 Dec 30, 2014
Reply by Pope Beanie

Skeptics Shouldn't Believe in Evolution?

It never fails. It seems I can't post anything on my facebook anymore without sparking some sort of debate. This time I post an interesting…

Started by Mr Good Without God

35 Oct 4, 2014
Reply by W Robb aka Lmale

Is it time to get more selective about who we allow in the country? (No, not an immigration discussion)

Ebola! In case you've been living under a rock, there's an ebola outbreak going on in Africa. FREETOWN, July 29 (Reuters) - The doctor lead…

Started by Unseen

3 Jul 30, 2014
Reply by Ari



Private Eye Follows Priest

Started by JadeBlackOlive in Small Talk yesterday. 0 Replies

This topic again

Started by Unseen in Society. Last reply by Unseen 11 hours ago. 7 Replies

Are atheist a part of the collective consciousness?

Started by Ralph Burks in Small Talk. Last reply by Reg The Fronkey Farmer 11 hours ago. 20 Replies

middle east

Started by Robert Genisis in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help. Last reply by SteveInCO 14 hours ago. 8 Replies

The Wisdom Of God

Started by Robert Genisis in Theistic Arguments and Debate Help. Last reply by Robert Genisis on Friday. 4 Replies

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