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While we're discussing scientific skepticism, what about evolution?

Let me state right from the start that evolution driven by natural selection makes a lot more sense than some magical spirit guy started it…

Started by Unseen

77 May 11, 2014
Reply by Unseen

Audrey Hepburn

For a couple decades I was a photographer of women and I worked with a few astonishing beauties. To me, the highest level of beauty is a wo…

Started by Unseen

1 May 6, 2014
Reply by Erock68la

Extinct humans

These are the faces of our ancestors, the ancient hominid cousins of humanity. Before us, there was them. They weren't quite human, but the…

Started by Gallup's Mirror

20 Mar 9, 2014
Reply by SteveInCO

Jurassic Civilization? (Fantastic claims require fantastic proof)

This claim has resurfaced as a result of the invasion of Crimea. The claim of the article that appears on multiple websites is too fantasti…

Started by Michael

9 Mar 8, 2014
Reply by Unseen

Bill Nye "heartbroken and sickened": debate with Ken Ham helped fund Noah's ark construction

Creation Museum founder Ken Ham announced Thursday that a municipal bond offering has raised enough money to begin construction on his $73…

Started by Gallup's Mirror

32 Mar 3, 2014
Reply by James Cox

Black Christians: You Insult Our Ancestors

Yes, I'm Black too, and even though this applies to all other racial minorities I especially stress this on African Americans. In order to…

Started by Ari E S

2 Feb 25, 2014
Reply by _Robert_

The worlds first mass extinction of a neurotype.

I am starting to notice that many of the most extreme variations of people who post on online forums are single and often childless. Is it…

Started by Melvinotis

10 Feb 17, 2014
Reply by Melvinotis

Is Paul like Muhammad for Christians?

Quick question: How much do you think Paul was like Muhammad? Muslims claim that an angel gave the Words of God directly to Muhammad, so th…

Started by Physeter

0 Jan 16, 2014

Have you ever heard a christian say "I don't believe in dinosours?"

I have had this told to me when i was a little kid and the response was "They put the bones in the wrong place" And there to big to have be…

Started by Royal red

38 Jan 14, 2014
Reply by Little Dreamer

Bible Archaeology? They can't be serious?

I actually found it baffling to believe that this is a real thing. But Biblical Archaeology? Basically its a field of archaeology dedica…

Started by Nerdy Keith

16 Dec 27, 2013
Reply by Randy Rose


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